Kevin Ken Kermin Cao

Had A Problem Then And Now

Chore Poem

Kevin Ken Kermin Cao,

Had a problem then and now,

Somehow he couldn't clean the dishes,

Even for a million wishes,

And so the dishes pilled high,

Like giant pillars in the sky,

Threw he window you could see,

Just how bad the mess could be,

China bowls with sausage rolls,

Rotting cheese on plates of peas,

Banana peels and old kids meals,

Enough cooked eels to fit your appeals,

Then one day the piles started to fall,

And when that happened the dishes started to bawl,

So like the spoon and dish in Hey Diddle Diddle,

The residents fled to avoid the fiddle,

The dishes were an earthquakes striking the floor,

It left the neighborhood worse than before,

The impact so great, it was felt around the world,

It left everyone deaf by the sound of its boom.

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