The City of Love

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Location and Geography

France is a part of the European Union. In fact, France was one of the founders of th EU, in 1958. Before being a part of the EU, France was a part of the Carolingian Empire.

France borders the Bay of Biscay and English Channel between Belgium and Spain. It also borders the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Spain. France is Southeast of the United Kingdom (UK).

France consists of mainly flat plains and some hilly land. Where there aren't plains, there are some mountainous lands. There are also many forests.

Government and Economy

France has a republic government.

Currently, the currency in France is the Euro. (€) One US dollar is about .75 of a Euro. Originally, the French used francs. That changed, however on January 1st, 2002. This was to make trade and buying easier in the European Union.


The capital of France is Paris.

The most popular major cities are Marseille, Lyon, Lille, and of course, Paris.

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The Flag

The French flag (as shown above) has a simple, yet meaningful design. The flag originated from the French Revolution. The red and blue vertical sections are the traditional colors of the capital, Paris, where the main revolution was fought. The white in the center represents royalty.

This design is similar to the flags of Belgium, Chad, Cote d'ivoire, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. These flags all have vertical sections of tricolors.


France is a very popular location for tourists to visit. It is one of the most visited countries in the world, with about 75 million tourists visiting each year.

Paris is the most popular city in France. Paris is known as the city of love. People have been known to even have honeymoons in Paris. There are also many events like cabarets, which are basically people dancing at night, and there is food being served.

The city of Nice also has great wine, and is a popular place with the tourists. The wine comes from grapes and vineyards hidden in the deep valleys of Nice.

There are French Alps that are fun to ski in. The Alps are snowy and high.

Fun Facts

On New Years Day, it is traditional to give flowers to the older members of the family. On Christmas Eve, kids put their shoes in front of the fire place for le Père Noël (Santa Claus) to come and fill them with goodies like candy and gifts.

While all Euro Coins have the same design have the same design on one side, each country has their own design on the other side. The French Euro has a tree symbol on it. The tree represents life, strength and growth.

It is traditional to have a big mid-day meal, and have a light meal at the end of the day, like soup or sandwiches. Kids will usually have a snack at around 5 pm, and then eat a light meal at 7:30 pm or 8:00pm. Some families in France do eat like families do in America, where they eat a light mid-day meal and big meal at the end of the day, because of their work schedules.

Food is considered an art in France. Bread is eaten at least once a day in France.

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