Fish as food provides high protein, variety of vitamins and minerals. All these three work together to ensure that our bodies stay healthy. Eating fish has a positive impact that improves the dietary protein in our bodies. It adds the essential amino acids that also present in vegetable-based diets. There's more, fish oils in fatty fish are vital to the brain development of unborn babies and infants. With this in mind, here are some ways in choosing a fresh fish.

1.) Look at the eyes of the fish. See to it that the eyes have clear eyes. Fish that has cloudy eyes means to say that it is old.

2.) Press in on the body of the fish. If the flesh bounced back and is firm, then it is fresh. However, if it left a dent then it is old.

3.) Open up the gills. The gills should be dark in color. Remember, gills that are pale in color are not fresh.