John Winthrop

By: Jessica Moore, Taniya Kalathara, Kyle Zatyko



  • John Winthrop was born in England on January 12th, 1588.
  • He was an English Puritan lawyer who was born to a religious family of the Puritan Reformist Church.
  • Son of the wealthy Adam Winthrop, a man successful in the textile business and a lawyer/prosperous landowner, and Anne Winthrop.
  • Winthrop married four times and had many children including John Winthrop Jr., who became governor of Colonial Connecticut.

Political Affiliations

  • John Winthrop ran a theocratic government where he was governor, as well as the head of the Church.
  • Had political affiliations and loyalties toward Non-Separatist Puritans with hopes that the Puritans would establish a religious community, unlike England.

Contribution to colonial America

  • First governor of Massachusetts and was elected 12 times.
  • Visioned the colonists of Massachusetts to be in unity with god and each other.
  • Ruled as head of state and church for puritan Massachusetts, and decisions affected both.
  • He established towns to be tightly organized with their own church and saint.
  • When dissent grew against him, many colonists left the state and founded Connecticut.


-Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.


  • Based on his religious beliefs he strived to create a Holy community.

  • He believed religion and government should be one and achieved that goal by becoming head of state and church.

  • It was very important to him that people should honor their duties and obligations.
John Winthrop and the Massachusetts Bay Colony


-The state of being vested with the rights, privileges, and duties of a citizen.


  • As elected governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629, he was involved in and opposed King Charles I oppression of the non conformist religious thought.

  • He cared about other citizens opinions and preferred compromise over forcing others to his opinion.
  • Helped colonist construct and organize towns along the Massachusetts Bay and the Charles River.