By: Sophia Freking

Places You Would Love To See In Minnesota.

The first place people think to go to is the Mall Of America. Because it has indoor roller-coasters an american girl doll store and a barbie dream house. But there is a Judy garland museum and where she was born ( Judy garland was the starring roll in the wizard of oz) Or you could see the stars of the northern star Saint Paul and Minneapolis.
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People Of Minnesota

First, there is Judy garland and the US. senators who are Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. And no one can forget the governor Mark Dayton. The motto of their state is: L'E`tolie du nord. Witch means The Northern Anatatolia e'. The state's nickname's of the state are The North State, The Gopher State and The State Of 10,000 Lakes.
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State Items + More

The state's date of admission is May, 11,1858. The climate has cool summers and freezing winters. Minnesota is right next to lake Superior and the lake of the woods. It's bordering states (states that surround Minnesota) are Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. It produces mostly sweet corn. It's population is 5.457 million people. It's state flower is Cypridium Reginae. The state tree Pinus Resinosa. The state state bird is the common Loon. And enjoy the state song.
Hail! Minnesota (State Song)


If you went to Minnesota you would be able to see the worlds largest candy store which also has the worlds largest soda section. And the judy garland museum judy garland was in one of the single most popular movies of all time the wizard of oz she was born and raised in Minnesota. Also the Mall of America it has an indoor theme park + more roller coasters a lego store an American girl doll store and a nickelodeon souvenir shop!