All About Me

By Destiny Drauschke

My Favorites

Okay, so to start off, I am going to tell you some of my favorite things. I like food. My top favorite foods would be chocolate, ice cream, pizza, cherries, chicken, and rice. I love colors, so my top favorite colors is a pretty long list. Here goes. Neon green, bright purple, hot pink, light green, light blue, bright blue, light purpleish-blueish, neon-rainbow, and SPARKLES!!!!! In my free time I like to draw, listen to music, sometimes write stories, go outside, and go shopping! I love love love the outdoors. I like nice weather, but I also love rain! It is so pretty and going out in the rain feels, looks, and smells amazing! I just love the rain. I also love to go outside in the morning when the air is cool, the sun is rising and the birds are singing. My favorite season is autumn. It is very pretty, and has perfect weather. My favorite animal is cats. Kitty's are so adorable and cute and sweet and they just are so cute and I just love them so much! So, those are some of my favorite things!


I enjoy playing sports. Before last summer, I didn't play any sports. But the summer after 6th grade before 7th grade, I decided I wanted to try playing softball. And I loved it so I'm playing it again this year, too. At the beginning of this school year, I played volleyball. And right now I am in track and field. I enjoy all of these sports and I'm planning on playing all 3 of these again in the future!

My Family

Including me, there are 5 people in my family. There is me of course, my mom Kelly, my dad Allen, my 10 year old brother Dakota, and my 8 year old brother Drayven. The only ones in my house with red hair is me and Dakota, in case you were wondering. I have a good family and they are all nice :)

Things About my Future!!!!!!!! :D

Okay. So when I grow up I want to be an actress! But I know that acting is a pretty hard job to get so I know I need a back up plan. So the second thing I want to be is a veterinarian. And in my free time, I will probably sell my artwork. I like to draw and paint. I also haven't ever really traveled anywhere, so in my future, I hope I will get to travel a lot. I want to go to a lot of different states, like Hawaii. It also would be fun to go to Europe. And Paris. That would be so much fun. And one of my favorite countries is Australia and I would love to go there. And see Kangaroos!! I want a pet kangaroo. And I wish I could have one in Wisconsin. That would be amazing! Also in my future I am going to go shopping more often than I do now. I am hoping to be quite successful when I grow up, and will do as much as I can do be just that!

My Personality!

Okay. My personallity. Well, I can abe funny, I would say I have a good sense of humor. I laugh A LOT!!!! I laugh like alllllllllllll theeeeeeeeee timeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANd I smile a lot too! I like smiling. It is fun. I am a bright, colorful, bubbly, outgoing, loud, and a little bit athletic person. Usually. Once in awhile I can be a little shy, but not very often. So yeah, that's my personality!