Pablo Picasso

6th Grade Art

All About Pablo Picasso
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Guitar Sketches

1- Draw 3 medium size rectangles on your paper

2- Sketch 3 DIFFERENT guitars - one in each rectangle

3- Choose your best guitar and draw it on large paper

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Blue Guitar Painting

Tints and Shades

MUST have a placemat, paintshirt is optional

Mix paint on your paper plate (NOT ON THE RED PLATE)

10 or more DIFFERENT tints and shades in your painting

Bored with Tints and Shades? Try a TONE - mixing grey with a color!

Choose Your Project

Work on either your:

Minion Self Portrait


Value Shading Project

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Picasso Style Abstracted Portraits

Name and Class Code on back!

1- Use crayon to draw LARGE head outline

Add hair details

2- Paint HEAD (RAINBOW colors ONLY) No black or brown TODAY!

Use odd, non-realistic colors (blue hair, green skin, etc.)

Pablo Picasso Biography
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Compare and Contrast

How are the paintings similar?

How are the paintings different?

Which version do you like better? Why?

Biography Cube

1 - Artist's Name

Year Born - Year Died

2- Photo of Artist

3- Artwork

4- Artwork

5- Fact

6- Fact

Shape Sculptures

Your mission today:

To create a 3D paper sculpture using MOSTLY your assigned seat SHAPE!


Any person should be able to look at it and know what your shape is!

Try to be done by END of class!

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1. Samurai Hat - Make 2 - 1 Color and 1 Gold

2. Doodle Monster Contest

3. Free Choice Watercolor

4. Free Draw/Read a Book

Grading Day + Free Choice Watercolors

1. Finish Cardboard Instrument

2. Fill out the half sheet.

3. Take picture of instrument AND half sheet.

4. Take home cardboard instrument.

5. Work on Free Choice Watercolor!

Finish It Day!

1. Finish/Continue your cardboard instrument sculpture.

How can I make it better or more instrument-like?

Name and 6W, 6S, or 6U on it!

2. Finish/Continue your watercolor technique painting.

Use more than one technique to earn that 4 or +

Masking Tape, Salt, Plastic Wrap, Crayon, Rubbing Alcohol, Glue...

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Picasso: Guitars 1912-1914 | Picasso's Cardboard Guitar (1912)

Picasso's Cardboard Guitar

Today, nearly a century on, it’s hard to grasp how disturbing such work was to some at the time. More than just an example of bad-boy high jinks, it was perceived as a slap in the face to beauty, idealism and decorum, proof of European culture on the slide.

People got angry. When the Parisian arts journal Les Soirées de Paris ran a photograph of one of Picasso’s sculptural guitars constructed from paperboard and string, furious letters came in; subscriptions were canceled.

That sculpture is the centerpiece of this MoMA show. Picasso made it in Paris sometime in the fall or winter of 1912. About the size of a real guitar, it now looks achingly fragile and was, of course, never playable. And it embodies many of the aesthetic questions that Cubism raised:

What’s real?

And why is one version of real better than another?

What’s “high,” what’s “low”?

What makes durable worthier than ephemeral?

What makes an object art, and an idea not?

Precisely because it evokes such ideas, the paperboard guitar, along with a later sheet-metal version of it, also in the show, was one of the most influential sculptures of the 20th century. Picasso seems to have valued it highly. He photographed it in 1912 and a few years later disassembled and packed it away. Despite requests, he didn’t exhibit it during his lifetime. He left it to MoMA at his death, in 1973.

Excerpt from New York Times Art Review: When Picasso Changed His Tune

3D Musical Instrument Sculpture

Your challenge is to create ANY musical instrument as a sculpture.

You are going to use cardboard just like Picasso did!

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Clay Project

1. Go through the presentation below.

2. Take this QUIZ! Your Room Name = 684306

3. Sketch ideas for your Chia Pet!

Watercolor Technique Painting

Create your own free choice watercolor painting.

Draw your idea out first, then use sharpie etc. to define your lines!

You MUST use at least 1 technique you learned in the watercolor experiments.

Watercolor Symmetry

1- Draw design on tracing paper

2- Trace onto watercolor paper

3- Trace with sharpie

4- Paint with watercolors (2 squares WARM COLORS, 2 squares COOL COLORS)

5- ZenTangle!

Mount, Sign, Date, Grade your Prints!

1. Mount prints.

2. Grade yourself and tape rubric to the back.

Turn in to big class folder.

3. Fold and Cut SNOWFLAKES OR work on another PAPER DUDE!

CHALLENGE- See how much you can cut away before they break apart!!

Printing Day 2

1. Finish 4 full prints. Double check is your NAME and 6W, 6S, or 6U on the back?

2. Wash and dry your styrofoam.

3. Cut out your guitar, throw away background.

4. Print guitar ON TOP of prints you made last time in a DIFFERENT color of ink!

5. Finish your Three Musicians Collage.

6. Free Draw or Read a Book when done.

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1. Finish tracing directly on top of your styrofoam.

You need a nice, deep, dark line.

2. Print AT LEAST 4 prints!

Name and Class Code on back of EVERY print!

Use both white and blue paper.

Use both blue and turquoise ink AND tints of blue and turquoise.

3. Place your table's prints on 1 placemat, put placemat on drying rack!

Guitar Prints

1. Choose a guitar to draw from these guitars.

2. Fill your page! Look for DETAILS!! Use ONLY LINES, no coloring or shading.

3. Tape your guitar drawing on top of your styrofoam.

4. Trace onto styrofoam. A DULL pencil works best!

Trace TWICE on TOP of paper

Trace ONCE or more on top of styrofoam.

You need a deep, dark line in your styrofoam to be ready to print.

5. Put styrofoam safely in your table folder. We will print NEXT TIME!

6. Work on MoMA Art Lab App, Free Draw, or Read a Book.

7. On your iPad, make a folder with a shortcut to this smore site and the MoMA Art Lab App in it. Name the folder ART.

Finish Your 3 Musicians Collage!

All done?

1. Take a QUALITY picture of 3 Musicians Collage AND your Picasso Portrait.

2. Make a 3 slide presentation in Pages or Google Slides

  • Slide 1 - Your Name's Portfolio

  • Slide 2- Picasso Portrait

(Write- What you did well on AND what you need to improve)

  • Slide 3- 3 Musicians Collage

(Write- What you did well on AND what you need to improve)

3. Download MoMA Art Lab App and make a digital collage about Music!

4. Work on Paper Dude - If Pablo Picasso made a Paper Dude what would it look like?

Finishing Touches

1- Glue eyes, ears, mouth, nose with GLUESTICK

2- Add a THICK OUTLINE to EVERYTHING with a black crayon.

3- Add patterns, lines, etc. in BACKGROUND with CRAYONS or MARKERS.


4- Name and Class Code on back

5- Turn in to BIG CLASS FOLDER in front of room

Wet? Put on the drying rack!