Ms. Felton's Course Updates

Business Communication and Presentation AB, Vol 3

TOP 2: Quiz and Project Improvement Opportunities

Many of you have been asking and I have been working hard to develop and now it is here!

This news update will share what you need to know about replacing up to 3 low quiz grades and also how to improve a project grade up to 10%.

Quizzes 1-5: You can replace 1 Quiz (Available March 10th - due by March 28th)

Quizzes 6-10: You can replace 1 Quiz - Available March 31st - due by April 18th

Quizzes 11-15: You can replace 1 Quiz - Available April 21st - due by May 2nd


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Game Creators: How Can I Replace a Low Quiz Grade?

  1. Review all of your quizzes and the grades for those quizzes.
  2. Decide which grade you would like to replace.
  3. Fill out the "Replace this Quiz Form".
  4. Go to the "Top 2" Link and see which concepts you must cover in your game, plus other concepts from the unit (the top 2 or 3 frequently missed concepts by the class was created by Ms. Felton at the bottom of this newsletter).
  5. Create a review game for the quiz that you want to replace.
  6. Email Ms. Felton to let her know you have created the game & want to host it or post your 30 second commercial for it.
  7. After Ms. Felton reviews the game, YOU WILL BE SCHEDULED TO HOST OR POST.
  8. All hosted games must be scheduled for Tuesday or Thursday during the available dates for that quiz.
  9. Finally you will host your review game at chat or post the 30 second commercial for it (depending on the type of game you create).

Game Creators: Rules for Types of Games

You may create a game that requires a host or an online game that does not. It may be an original game or a variation of an existing game. Your game can be for individuals or for teams. It must be more than just a recall/vocabulary review. It must include at least 3 review topics from the unit. See the "Top 2" from your unit to get the topics.

  • Minimum of 10 questions for the game
  • Be sure to check the rubric for your game before beginning
  • Hosted games must be scheduled for Tuesdays or Thursdays during the available dates for that quiz
  • No 1 creator may use the same game more than once
  • No game creator may use the same game as someone else that has already hosted
  • Anyone can create a game and use the same quiz as someone else

Game Creators: Sample Games

Possible Games to create:


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Sample Sites for Game Creation:


Game Participants: How Can I Increase My Project Grade by 10%?

  1. Attend a chat to participate in a review game and write a review of the game in the discussion section titled "Game Reviews".
  2. View a commercial and click the link to an online game review and write a review of the game in the discussion section titled "Game Reviews".

Your review must include likes and improvements for:

  • The content of the commercial
  • The content of the game
  • The clarity of the game directions

You must also give it a star rating of 1 to 4 stars...4-great, 3-good, 2-average, 1-needs improvement.

Top 2 for Quizzes 1-5: Commonly Missed Concepts

Quiz 1: Communication Basics

Page 2 – Elements of Communication Chart

Page 5 – How you say it…voice & tone

Page 7 – 21st Century Workplace Skills

Quiz 2: Active Listening

Page 3 – Internal & External Barriers to Listening

Quiz 3: Reading for Understanding

Page 5 – Fact & Opinion, Reading the Fine Print

Quiz 4: Business Writing: Letters, Memos, Emails

Page 5 – Parallel Structure

Page 2,3 – Letter & Memo Format

Page 4 – Email Etiquette

Quiz 5: Developing Research Skills

Page 2 – Steps for Doing Research

Page 3 – Identifying Good Information