Taylors Gift

Austin A, Cameron F, Trever L, and Ehab S

Why should you sign up for organ donation?

92% of people from 18-45 are eligible to donate their organs to people in need. 18 people will die each year, waiting for an organ. If all eligible people donated, that number would decrease greatly. 1 donor can save up to 8 lives.

What can I donate?

Almost anything in your body can be donated.

  • Kidney: 69.3%
  • Heart: 74.9%
  • Liver: 73.8%
  • Lung: 54.4%
  • These are the percentages of people who lived more than 5 years after their donations.

  • Our video

    The video should show how easy it can be to donate your organs, just sign up. You can save a persons life just by signing up and offering your organs that you dont need, to people who need it more than anything.

    Statistics about Organ Donation.

    • In 2012, 62% of living donors were women and 38% were men. The statistic is nearly reversed for deceased donation: 40% were women and 60% were men.
    • As of May 2013, the national waiting list was made up of 44% Caucasian, 30% African American, 18% Hispanic/Latino, and 7% Asian
    • In 2010, there were almost 2.5 million deaths in the U.S. If half of them had donated, up to 8 million lives could have been saved in the US alone.
    • Currently, more than 100 million people in the U.S. are signed up to be a donor—sign up and join them.