Ron Jones' Perfect Peak Party

A Celebration of Ron's 50th Birthday

The Plan.....

Would love to have ya'll join us in surprising Ronnie. You park at The River Road Ice House in New Braunfels before 5 pm. Some sort of limo will pick ya'll up and bring you to our hotel where we surprise Ron. Then we will venture to The Gristmill for dinner and finally, be dropped back off at the Ice House to listen to Backwater Blvd and American Sons.

Please RSVP by March 10, 2014 so I know what size Limo to reserve. You can reach me at or (832)434-9501

Ron Jones' Perfect Peak Party (AKA "Over The Hill" )

Saturday, March 22nd, 5pm

1791 Hueco Springs Loop Rd

New Braunfels, TX

Bring your Beads, Boas, and Booze to help Ron celebrate Big. Ladies put on your favorite Peak-a-Boob outfit and Gentlemen bring your favorite Peak-Aide. I know we will have a wonderful time and I look forward to hearing from you!

Love Ya,



4:45 pm. Y'all park at the River Road Ice House

5:00 pm Limo picks y'all up and comes to our Hotel

5:30 pm We surprise Ronnie. Ladies.....if you feel ambitious, make some signs. The bigger the commotion the better.

6:00 pm We arrive at the Gristmill for dinner.

8:30 pm. Limo returns us to the icehouse for the show.