Rougher Roundup Parent Edition

3 Houses - 1 Rougher Family

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Note from the Principal

Rougher Nation,

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and welcome you all to what will certainly be a memorable school year.

My career in education comes as no surprise to most people. I come from a reputable family of educators in Catoosa and Broken Arrow. After graduating from Northeastern State University, I began teaching science and coaching. 17 years later, I became an administrator and have loved every day of work since.

Being chosen to lead Muskogee High School is an honor that I take very seriously. I truly believe MHS is on the cusp of greatness. The staff has enormous experience. The students that I have met are amazing. I cannot wait to see the successes that lay ahead.

Students will experience a positive atmosphere when they enter MHS. Our goal is to create a culture of relationship-driven education where students and staff feel safe and look forward to coming to school every day of the year. They will see administrators in the halls interacting with students. Teachers will greet students at the doors of their classrooms and will provide engaging and meaningful lessons on a consistent basis. We believe that all students will be equipped for success at the conclusion of our school year, despite the challenges we are facing with the pandemic.

I am excited about our first days of school and I look forward to meeting all of the students that attend the best high school in Oklahoma.

Mickey Replogle

Muskogee High School Principal

Things to Know before the First Day of School

Safety is our first concern

  • Masks are required during passing period, commons areas, and in classrooms where social distancing isn’t possible. The teacher will provide direction on when it is appropriate for mask free zones.

  • Water fountains will be turned off, so students will need to bring their own water bottle.

  • After school starts, no visitors will be allowed on campus. If a parent needs to pick up their student, they will need to pull up to the main office and dial 918-684-3750 ext 1710 and their student will be sent outside to their vehicle.

  • This year’s schedule allows for three lunches to keep numbers down in the cafeteria. Click HERE to view the bell schedule with lunch information.

  • Since a portion of the school population elected to attend Muskogee High School virtually, numbers in classrooms have provided for a safer environment keeping class sizes down wherever possible.

Schedules and Logistics for On Campus Students

What do I do on the first day of school?

  • Come to school on August 31st as you would on any other school day. School starts at 8:30.

  • Wear a mask and make sure you check your schedule on PowerSchool and go to ALL of your classes that are on your schedule--AS LISTED. Even if you are waiting on a schedule correction, GO TO THE CLASSES ON YOUR SCHEDULE. A counselor will be processing your correction forms as quickly as possible.

  • Dress for success at school. Please refer to the student handbook for more information.

Is this my final schedule?

  • Students should follow current schedule and contact their counselors for corrections.

Some classes may have been dropped from the offerings at MHS or they may have been full. Click HERE to complete a schedule correction form. You will have ONE opportunity to fill this out and have it considered. Completing the form doesn’t equate to your request being granted. You will be notified via email if your correction form has been processed, when your schedule changes OR explaining why it may not have been granted.

E-Learning Students and Families

What is Edmentum Courseware?

  • E-learning students will use Edmentum, monitored and coached by a Muskogee High School teacher for most of their classes.

What happens if the class I am scheduled is not on Edmentum?

  • You will be sent an email inviting you to Google classroom by your scheduled teacher for instructions, guidelines, and course information and requirements on the first day of school.

How do you log on to Edmentum Courseware?

  • Click the Clever icon

  • Enter Muskogee

  • Click login with Google

  • Enter your Rougher Google account credentials

  • Click the Courseware dropdown menu

  • Select Muskogee High School E-learning

Schedule and courses will then appear


Why does my schedule look like I have so many classes?

  • Students should follow the hours 1-7 as listed. Anything else listed other than Advisory is for school use only to indicate E-learning status.

Why was I moved out of my Pre-AP class?

  • Pre-AP classes are not offered in this year's virtual course offerings. You were placed in something equivalent or on-level.

What if I want to come to school in person rather than to be a virtual student?

  • Please have a parent/guardian call 918-684-3700 or email the enrollment center or your HOUSE attendance secretary.

What do I do on the first day of school?

  • Watch your school email for directions from the district as well as correspondence from your teachers. You might also check the MPS district website for more information.


How long does my child need to be online and how is it monitored?

  • Your child will need to be logged in and actively engaged and participating in the tutorials and the activities found in the course syllabus. You can find that information, when you log into edmentum courseware. Your student must be actively engaged for 6 hours per day or 30 hours per week including weekends. Hours need not be consecutive.

  • Attendance is being monitored based on the suggested time embedded in the curriculum software. For example, a reading may take a suggested time of 15 minutes, if the student is idle before the next activity will not count.

  • Attendance Secretaries will contact parents of students that are not meeting the time requirements after weekly reports are run.

Is there a way for parents to track attendance?

  • We anticipate having an option for parents to track attendance. However, at this time the district does not have that option in place. Please watch the district website and emails for more information.

  • If you have specific attendance questions, please contact your House office.

  • House Invictus - Students’ last names A-G

  • House Reverentia - Students’ last names H-O

  • House Tempus - Students’ last names P-Z

Are E-learning students allowed on the MHS campus?

  • E-learners are permitted on campus with prior approval from a teacher or sponsor to: pick up school supplies, check out a book in the media center, have a laptop repaired or to see a teacher during scheduled office hours.


  • Students must complete no less than two assignments per week as well as meet the time requirements discussed earlier.

  • The current grade posted in Edmentum will be the grade logged weekly into Powerschool.

Credit Requirements

  • Students will receive credit if their final grade is passing with the entire module being 100% complete. Requirements are the same as brick and mortar schooling.

Teacher Contact Person

  • Log into Powerschool to see the student’s schedule

The teacher assigned to the student will be your contact person. You will contact your teacher through Rougher email and Edmentum.

A Small School Feel With Large School Opportunity

In a school of 1600 students, it is a challenge to get to know everyone and create a small school feeling. The house system divided by alphabet allows the administration and support team the opportunity to get to know students at a deeper level. Each house stays together for the duration of their high school career. The supporting cast you have as a freshman will be your supporting cast when you walk across the stage to get your diploma. The culture team made up of students, staff and parents have been collaborating since early this year to develop the legacy that makes up each house. Though we have three houses, we are still one Rougher.

What's In a Name?

Note from the Muskogee High School PTSA

Hello Muskogee High School PTSA Past Members:

The Muskogee High School - Parent Teacher Student Association is up and going for the 2020-2021 school year. We hope that you plan to renew this year and engage in our fundraising efforts that enable us to continue to support the students, teachers/staff and parents of Muskogee High School.

Click the photo of our brochure to see a brochure with a snapshot of our 2020-2021 school year membership announcements, meeting dates, organizational goals, student/teacher support and outreach, as well as updates about purchasing MPS logo rougher wear.

A solid plan is in place to support Muskogee High School students, parents and educators. Modifications to the plan have been considered with the addition of new administration/staff, school student/teacher safety and the ability to keep our activities simple, fun and effective.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of the PTSA officers listed if you have questions.

If you have already renewed your membership to the Muskogee High School PTSA for the upcoming school year – THANK YOU for your continued support!

Note that in the attached brochure is the next member meeting date that has been set for Tuesday, September 15th 2020 beginning at 4:30pm. The format will be Google Meets virtual platform, this will make it very convenient for all members to join in through their phone, computer, chromebook, tablet etc. Details about how to join this virtual meeting will be sent out at a later time closer to the meeting date.


The MHS PTSA will continue the sale of MPS logo goods and spirit wear at a booth inside Hattie’s House on South Main Street. This includes the replenishment of the logo R.O.U.G.H.E.R. t-shirt and an addition of a new matching face buff, as well as many other clothing items, blankets, collapsible coolers etc. Go take a look…proceeds from the sale of these goods go towards the PTSA programs/activities that help support the school!

Questions, comments, to serve on a committee or assist with an upcoming project, please reach out to Kristy Newell, MHS PTSA President at (918)348-8010 or email

Keep in touch with MHS PTSA - LIKE & SHARE our Facebook page or FOLLOW our Instagram, here are the links:




The House with the highest percentage of parents joining PTSA will get 100 House points to the ROAD Royalty cup!

New to Distance Learning? We all are!

Join Muskogee Public Schools for some tips in creating the best learning environment when students are at home.

Senior Sunrise

The year 2020 has brought many challenges and events that could never have been planned. In an opportunity to seize the last sunrise before our seniors' last first day of school, seniors have asked to share this moment together. Seniors will meet at 6:30 a.m. in the field behind J Building on Sunday, August 30 to watch the sun come up.

Senior Sunrise

Sunday, Aug. 30th, 6:30am

MHS Field Behind J Building

Seniors, let's get together for our last sunrise together before our last first day of school. We will get together again to watch a sunrise before our last, last day of school as well!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

September Home Athletic Schedule


8/31- Varsity vs. Bixby @ 5:30

8/31 - J.V vs. Bixby @ 7:00

9/10 - Varsity vs. Shawnee @ 6:00

9/10 - J.V. vs. Shawnee @ 7:45


9/10 - 9th vs. Tahlequah @ 4:00

9/10 - J.V. vs. Tahlequah @ 5:00

9/10 - Varsity vs. Tahlequah @ 6:00

9/14 - 9th vs. Wagoner @ 4:30

9/14 - J.V. vs. Wagoner @ 5:30

9/14 - Varsity vs. Wagoner @ 6:30

9/15 - 9th vs. Sand Springs @ 4:30

9/15 - J.V. vs. Sand Springs @ 5:30

9/15 - Varsity vs. Sand Springs @ 6:30


9/10 - 9th vs. Broken Arrow @ 6:00

9/17 - 9th vs. Bartlesville @ 7:00

9/25 - Varsity vs. P.C. West @ 7:00

9/28 - J.V. vs. Union @ 6:00


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Hometown Hope Run Photo Contest


  • winning photos will be chosen based on originality and overall quality by our panel of judges.
  • Winning photos will be chosen in an Adult Category (18 or older) and a Youth Category (ages 7-17).
  • The best submissions will be selected to be exhibited at Gospel Rescue Mission. Photo credit will be given. GRM reserves the right to disregard any images that do not fit the theme of this photo contest.
  • Contest is open to professional and amateur photographers using any brand of camera and lens.
  • Subject must be “Hometown Hope Run” and the photos must be taken during the Hometown Hope Run Event on September 26th, beginning at 7:30am. Only photos taken in 2020 are eligible for entry.
  • Entry fee is $5 per photo submission in either Adult or Youth categories. There is not a limit on how many photos you can enter.
  • By entering, contestants certify that each photo is original and does not infringe on any third-party rights.
  • Contestants will retain the rights to their photographs. However, contestants grant Gospel Rescue Mission unlimited rights, usage of the images, contestants name, photo, and likeness in any advertising/promotion efforts by Gospel Rescue Mission.


  • Images can be emailed as jpg files, less than 10 mb, to or submitted by mail on CD/DVD to Gospel Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 7004, Muskogee, OK 74402. Entry fees should be made payable to Gospel Rescue Mission and mailed to this address or paid online at No photos will be entered into the contest until the entry fees have been received.
  • Subject line of email must read 2020 Hometown Hope Run Photo Contest.
  • Each photo should include the photographer’s name, address, phone number, email address (if applicable), category (Adult or Youth) and location of the shot.
  • Entries must be received by Monday, October 5, 2020. Late entries will not be considered.

The winning images, along with the Exhibit Favorites, will be announced October 7th, 2020. Prize amounts will depend on entry fees. Any tax on prize money is the winner’s sole responsibility. Winners and Exhibit Favorites may be contacted for higher resolution images. By sending your images, you agree to GRM’s terms and conditions stated in the rules section above.

Muskogee High School

Muskogee High School exhibits an environment in perfect unison with Muskogee Public Schools’ mission. The Muskogee Way; Every Heart, Every Mind, Every Day! Where educators, students, parents, and the community work collaboratively to achieve the highest academic standards. MHS strives to provide a multi-faceted culture where all stakeholders are physically and emotionally safe, allowing them to achieve their maximum potential and where student success is geared to the needs of an ever-evolving global society in which they live. Through these efforts, we work continuously to create a premier learning community for the 21st century and beyond.