Public speaking

By: Angel Sartore

What is public speaking

Public speaking is were you speak your mind out to the public. Some people have problems speaking and are scared ,shy, or even they don't like crowds. Other people might love public speaking, they are not shy, scared or don't like crowds. They love to talk and speak there opinion or speak for others too.

What we did

What we had to do for this project was make a presentation about what are some things were good at, explain why we are good at it, and what helped use become good at it.

step 1

Step 1 is were you find at least 3 things about what you are good at, start at new presentation to show what were good at.

step 2

Step 2 is were you start to put what you are good at In slides and title the thing your good at, then you explain on each one why you are good at what you are good at, what made you good, and why are you good.

step 3

If you have pictures for what your good at then put them in your slides if you need them from the internet then ý have to have a citation slide at the end of your other slides.

step 4

Step 4 is making your citation slide for your pictures. Citations are links of were you got the pictures from or something from the internet. It is very important to have citations in any presentation you make for work, school, ect.

step 5 final step

The last step of making your public speaking presentation, the last step is presenting It to the public, example: classes,work , ect.

Why is this helpful

This is helpful because it helps you preparer for big public speaking that can be for big reasons. This will help you achieve a goal for public speaking.