HOL & The Monarchy

House of lords and The monarchy Have seperate roles:

The 3 main Roles of the house of lords:

1) Make laws

2) Check and challenge the actions of the government

3) Provide a forum of independent expertise

How Does the House of Lords work?

The 3 main Roles of the Monarchy:

1) The queen gives final approval to all laws

2) Opens the parliament every year

3) Appoints the prime minister after an election

What is a Monarchy?

3 Ways to become a member of the house of lords:

1) To be appointed by the queen on the advice of the prime minister

2) Some non party political members are recommended by an independent body

3) The house of lords appoint commissioners

3 well known members of the House of Lords

1) Lord Sugar

2) Lord Adebowale

3) Lord Puttnam