We Appreciate Our Teachers!!

Catholic Schools Week - Teacher Appreciation Day - Wednesday

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TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY (During Catholic Schools Week) is Wednesday!!

We are celebrating our STM teachers this Wednesday of Catholic Schools week so we want to show the teachers how much the kids appreciate them by giving them coupons to use until the end of the year.

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Find the coupons in your child's backpack today.

2. Have your son or daughter fill out the coupons and cut them out – LEAVE THE HOLE THAT HAS BEEN PUNCHED.

3. (the coupons can be serious or funny…let your child decide – below are examples)

  • 60 minutes of good behavior
  • One day of singing in church
  • 30 minutes of no excess talking
  • One day of remaining in my seat for the entire class

Have your child bring the coupons to school on WEDNESDAY and give them to their teachers. Each teacher will have a coupon holder ring to keep them handy so she can use them at just the right time!

**DON’T FORGET your special teachers

**If you want more coupons, print out the document found by clicking on the RED BUTTON below.

Thanks SO much for your help.

Teacher Appreciation Committee