Culinary Job Ads

Position: Banquet Manager

What's a Banquet Manager?

  • Oversee all aspects of a catering banquet or event --> includes set-up, menu selection, food prep, serving and cleanup

Responsibilities & Duties

  • In charge of hiring, training, coaching, disciplining, & reviewing banquet staff
  • Conduct tours, host food tastings, & network to sell their location to potential clients

Work Environment

  • Banquet hall
  • High availability --> expected to be available on nights, weekends, & holidays
  • Work 12-15 hours a day, often more than 50 hours a week

Skills Required

  • Quickly solve problems that arise during an event
  • Physical strength --> lift heavy objects such as tables, chairs, & large amounts of food-related items; spend long hours on their feet

Education Requirements

  • Typically have a bachelor's or associate degree in food service or hospitality management
  • Most begin in entry-level positions & work their way up OR complete management training programs at large hotel chains or resorts


  • Salary varies but banquet managers make an average of $24.71 an hour or about $51,400 per year