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Rural Roundup October 2021
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Rural Conference Postponed to Summer / Fall 2022

The Steering Committee and Leadership Team at ESD 112 have deliberated and ultimately decided to postpone the Rural Conference, which was originally planned for this coming Spring. We're disappointed to share this news. We appreciate your flexibility as we face COVID-related barriers.

The foremost delay is because COVID still poses a barrier for our planning and budgeting purposes. ESD 112 maintains high standards for protecting those we serve, and Department of Health of course has boundaries around what we can fund during this time. Based on current infection patterns around Washington, we predict a Spring conference would likely be cancelled, causing us to scramble to spend money, cancel contracts, and adjust. We are watching other conferences announce cancellations or going virtual and believe it's best to follow suit. We also recognize a virtual training event would not meet the true need of this conference, which is to build authentic relationships and undergo planning that cannot happen over Zoom as easily.

The Steering Committee vocalized the complexities around having a fiscal agent that primarily is located in an urban area. We recognize many of our members have not had to "shut down" in the same way that ESD 112 has. I want you to know that I hear you, and I appreciate your grace as we navigate this challenging time.

Finally, delivering high quality services is an expectation for our staff. We want to deliver the best conference we can, and realize the conference has grown from our original vision and should take more time to plan.

We're grateful to have such an understanding Steering Committee who took all aspects of the process into consideration before finally deciding to postpone.

Tentatively Hosting a Pre-Conference Gathering in April

The Steering Committee agreed that, despite being unable to host a full conference, we would like to tentatively host a pre-conference gathering in April. For the moment this is planned in person but we acknowledge this will be cancelled if COVID still poses barriers by then. The difference being it is much easier to cancel a small-scale gathering versus a fully formed training conference.

This gathering will include roundtable discussions, strategy sessions, and plenty of connection activities. We believe this will inspire momentum for the conference however have less of an impact if unable to occur due to COVID.

Seeking Youth Voices for Conference Workgroup

Please invite your youth leaders, volunteers, and family members to the upcoming Conference Workgroup meeting. We recognize the need for youth input in our action planning and want to use this year to garner investment through youth voices planning our in-person conference.

Rural Conference Workgroup <-- Invite your youth planners and volunteers!

Thursday October 28

4-5:30 p.m.

For those interested in planning a statewide rural training conference.

Our goal for this year now is to have a fully fleshed out plan by the end of the year that can be implemented the following year, completely designed in partnership with youth leaders.

Our meeting will take on a familiar but slightly different format to accommodate new volunteers, and will occur during the early evening so students can make it home from school.

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Poll: What Toolkit Item Should Come Next?

You've already taken this poll in the past to get us started, but we're duplicating it to see - where do we go from here?

We've developed a foundational photo library and series of strategies that have worked for coalitions, however we want to build upon our toolkit this year.

At our next toolkit meeting, we'll reflect on these results and do some decision making.

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Recruitment Kit Coming Soon

The ESD 112 Communications team has been working behind the scenes to develop a recruitment kit for the Rural Network. This includes Thank You cards, Post Cards, and a series of pre-written invitation letters customized by sector. These will soon be available to you for 1) promoting the Rural Network and 2) adapting to use within your own programs.

Stay tuned! We hope to have this published inside the Rural Toolkit by the end of October.

Toolkit Link Reminder

Toolkit Link:

Password: ruralrocks!


Rural Network Events

Rural Network Meeting: Special Policy Training by Prevention Voices

Tuesday October 26

2-3:30 p.m.

Online conference call.

For rural volunteers, representatives & leaders across Washington.

Rural Conference Workgroup <-- Invite your youth planners and volunteers!

Thursday October 28

4-5:30 p.m.

For those interested in planning a statewide rural training conference.

Rural Office Hours

Wednesday November 3

1-2 p.m.

Online conference call.

For members to receive Technical Assistance and consultation.

Toolkit Workgroup Meeting

Thursday November 4

2-3 p.m.

Online Conference Call

For volunteers interested in developing online tools for our members.

Rural Network Meeting: Special Guest Meet & Greet - Rural Legislator

Tuesday November 30

2-3:30 p.m.

Online conference call.

For rural volunteers, representatives & leaders across Washington.

Click for full calendar of coalition and community events.

Thank You
A special thank you goes out to some of our incredible volunteers. So much work happens behind the scenes that sometimes we don't get time to acknowledge it all. However, here's a brief round-up.

  • Jennifer Gosar, for advocating on behalf of youth leaders and encouraging us to reach out to youth/young adults for our conference planning.
  • Isaac Wulff, for connecting us with the planning team behind the Prevention Summit and reserving us a presentation slot.
  • Sarah Meyers, for volunteering to present at the Prevention Summit and represent the network in this space.
  • Trillium Swanson, for connecting us with a legislator and donating coordination time to make this happen.
  • Megan Moore and Alyssa Pavitt, for preparing and delivering a presentation to our network on policy and advocacy.
  • Gigi Calaway, for connecting us with a youth leader to present at our previous meeting.
  • Sunday Sutton, for directly implementing lessons learned from our meeting within her agency!
  • Everyone, for being flexible in our action planning during COVID.

I know I'm missing people from this list so if there are thank-you's you'd like me to recognize please send them to Christopher!

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About Prevent Coalition

Supported by the fiscal agent ESD 112, Prevent Coalition is a community coalition formed in 2003 to increase collaboration, awareness, and reduce youth substance use in Southwest Washington. Prevent also implements initiatives for rural communities across Washington state. As a community mobilizer, the coalition creates a culture promoting healthy choices; advocates for policies and regulations that protect, empowers and nurtures youth; and facilitates positive opportunities for youth to be involved and thrive.