Longhorn Stampede

(For 10/19/20 -10/23/20) Learn. Empower. Accept. Develop.

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Tuesday, 10/20 - Report Cards

Wednesday, 10/21 - Wear Orange for Unity

Monday, 10/26-10/30 - Red Ribbon Week

Monday, 11/2 - Garden Day for 3rd Grade

Tuesday, 11/3 - Student Holiday/Staff Development Day/Election Day

Tuesday, 11/10 - Picture Retakes

Tuesday, 11/10 - Progress Reports go home

November 23-27 Thanksgiving Holidays

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7 Habits at Home: Habit 2 - Begin With the End in Mind

Begin with the End in Mind is all about visualization and preparation. Habit 2 deals with planning, setting goals, and doing tasks that lead to desired results. “Before you start anything, think how to finish it.”

· When you are cooking, you need to plan ahead by reading the recipe, purchasing things needed at the grocery store, and having all your materials ready. Many times, there are pictures of what your recipe will look like when it has been cooked.

· A new market has emerged that allows you to plan ahead of time with the Meal Delivery services. Some of the popular ones are Home Chef, Noom, Freshly, Green Chef and Hello Fresh. These companies package foods, spices, and recipe directions to appeal to consumers who can plan ahead for the week or month.

For your children, Habit 2 is all about planning ahead and setting goals. Being prepared, thinking about how choices affect your future, and how positive and negative consequences need to be considered. “Live for today. Plan for tomorrow.”

· You can only get what you focus on. Knowing what you are looking for helps you get what you want.

· For example, if you are told to look around for five seconds and try to remember all the red things you see. After you close your eyes, you could probably name quite a few red things. Would you be able to tell someone what green or blue or yellow things you saw? Probably not, because that was not your focus or goal for the activity. Goals are very important for our success.

Nurse Notes

Dear Lone Star Families,

We welcomed back about 46 LSE students from remote to in person instruction this week! It is so good to see our students growing and healthy!

Thank you, parents, for reaching out to your child's teacher or me when you learn about any contagious contact y'all may have had or anyone with symptoms in your household.

According to the CDC, anyone with Covid will need to quarantine for 10 days AND be fever free 24 hours without medications AND symptoms improved. Anyone that has had contact with a person diagnosed with Covid will need to be quarantined from 14 days of LAST EXPOSURE. So, that could extend a quarantine to 24 days (or longer) if quarantined together in the same house and unable to isolate from Covid positive family members. The extra time is to make sure the family members do not develop symptoms and become infected with Covid. If another person in the same household does develop symptoms and is also diagnosed with Covid, then the remaining family must start the 14 quarantine all over again!

Below is a link to CDC explaining in more detail about quarantine and isolation.


We have started our 2nd 9 weeks grading period with NO lab confirmed Covid for students or staff! Wooohoo!

Please check out:

Covid tracker on MISD homepage:


Clinic website for links to trusted resources:


Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Monica Lemke, R.N.

LSE School Nurse



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