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Table of Contents

  • PREVIEW VIDEOS - What's in Store for School Year 2019-2020?
  • MEET THE TEACHERS - Introduction Videos
  • Support at Idaho Virtual Academy
  • Why Orientation?
  • 2019-2020 School Calendar
  • Frequently Asked Questions - K-5, 6-12, Special Education
  • Statewide Events
  • IDVA in the News
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Please click on the buttons below to view short videos about the exciting plans

for grades K-5 and 6-12 in the 2019-2020 school year!

Grades K-5 Preview Video

Click here to watch the Preview Video from K-5 Principal, Keri Brown.

Grades 6-12 Preview Video

Click here to watch the Preview Video from 6-12 Principal, Jenny Whelan.

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Please click on the buttons below to view video introductions from

the Idaho Virtual Academy teaching staff.

Meet the K-5 Teachers

Click here to watch videos from IDVA K-5 teachers.

Meet the 6-12 Teachers

Click here to watch videos from IDVA 6-12 teachers.

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We have a wonderful team at Idaho Virtual Academy that is ready

to welcome and support all students and learning coaches!

  • Orientation Specialists
  • Certified Teachers
  • Special Education Teachers (if applicable)
  • Family Academic Support
  • Social Worker
  • Master Teachers
  • Principals
  • Assistant Principal (6-12)
  • College and Career Advisor (7-12)
  • High School Counselors (9-12)
  • High School Support Specialists (9-12)
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  • Orientation provides an introduction to IDVA and how our school works.
  • Orientation provides an introduction to the skills needed for use with the learning management system software.
  • Orientation provides information on crucial school policies.
  • Orientation provides our school with immediate data on the student’s Math and English/Language Arts (ELA) performance, so we can place the student appropriately in order to best serve his or her academic needs.


Over the 15+ years IDVA has operated, we have learned a lot. Schooling in an online environment is different than schooling in a traditional brick and mortar school. Even within the circle of online schools, there are differences. In the beginning, we provided no orientation. Students and parents were often very surprised with just how different schooling with IDVA could be. This translated to academic difficulties and some students quickly leaving our school before giving it a chance.

IDVA added required orientation designed to help students and learning coaches prepare for the start of school. The orientation program currently includes the following tasks:

  • Setting up the learning coach online school account.
  • Setting up the student online school account.
  • Attending a 20-30-minute Principal Meet and Greet to meet the principal(s) and learn about how our school works.
  • Completing a math assessment.
  • Completing an ELA assessment.
  • Completing a 15 minute literacy assessment (K-5).
  • Signing an educational agreement.
  • Watching our Attendance Matters video (3 minutes) and taking a short quiz.
  • Completing an online learning course and taking a short quiz.

We are committed to student success!

Students and parents who complete IDVA's orientation are set up to start strong!

IDVA Board Policy

Students and their parents/guardians must complete the assigned IDVA orientation process prior to the student’s official enrollment with IDVA. This is the final step in IDVA’s official enrollment process. Parents/Guardians and students will be notified of the enrollment orientation process, the required tasks, and the due dates/deadlines. It is the parent’s/guardian’s or adult student’s obligation to communicate with school staff if additional assistance above what is offered in the orientation process is needed.

All new students and their parents/guardians will be assigned to the IDVA enrollment orientation process. Returning students and their parents/guardians may be assigned to the IDVA enrollment orientation process. Students and parents/guardians who have left IDVA and seek to re-enroll may be assigned to the IDVA enrollment orientation process.

Parents/Guardians of students who do not complete all required tasks of their assigned IDVA enrollment orientation process will receive notification via electronic mail and the student will be considered to have not completed the enrollment process to become a student at IDVA.

Any student seeking to enroll with IDVA after having the opportunity but not completing the required orientation component of the enrollment process must submit a written request within 5 days of receiving notification of failure to complete the enrollment process to the principal. The request will be reviewed by an administrative committee. A conference will be held with the parent/legal guardian regarding the reason for the failed enrollment process, the commitment that is necessary to succeed with virtual education and whether or not this is the best educational setting for the student.

Adopted: November 2015

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SY 2019-20 Calendar

Click here to view or download the SY 2019-20 School Calendar

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FAQS - Grades K-5

Click here to read FAQs about Grades K-5.

FAQS - Grades 6-12

Click here to read FAQs about Grades 6-12.

FAQs - Special Education

Click here to read FAQs about Special Education.

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Idaho Virtual Academy values making connections between students, families,

and the school. To help us build and nurture our school community, IDVA holds events at six locations across the state on the second Friday of every month.

In any month, you might find us bowling, skating, rock climbing, visiting museums, zoos, pumpkin patches or just playing board games together.

We hope you and your student(s) will join us at future events!

To view photo slideshows from the 2018-19 monthly events,

please click on the button below to see past issues

of IDVA's newsletter, THE HOWL.

THE HOWL - IDVA Newsletter - Past Issues

Click here to view past issues of IDVA's newsletter, THE HOWL.

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