CCPS Learning

websites and apps for you - Issue 2

Classroom Displays & Resources

Ideas to brighten up our new pin boards around the school. These websites also provide resources to use in class.

Remember to let me know of some wonderful websites. Next week will be featuring Literacy!


Websites of the Week

Below are different websites to the standard ones we use as a school on a regular basis such as Sparkle Box, Teach This or K-3 Resources. The ones I have featured are UK based but they give us fresh ideas. I have used all of them .Mrs Pancake is free, but you can give a donation.Teacher's Pet is free for displays - $12 per year for resources. Pencil St has some free resources, you can also buy credits for resources.

Happy exploring .

App of the Week

Blueprint 3D

Blueprint 3D is a smart and addicting puzzle game in which you should hurry up to get more points. Rotate the lines and shapes so that a complete drawing results. Do you have the hang on it? Have fun with Blueprint 3D.

Available for free at the Apple App Store