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February 19, 2016

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If you have some pictures from the Halloween, Winter Celebrations, Special activities, etc, please upload them so they can be used in the yearbook.

Here are the directions:

To upload photos:

Go to

Enter in the following: job number: 883010; username: staff; password: pa16

When on the site, go to 2) Photos; DOUBLE Click on the activity folder and find the right folder appropriate for the classroom or other pictures taken; then click on upload to have them brought in.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of us:

Sue Claricurzio 215-348-8762

Rebecca DeHaven 215-345-0899 cell: 215-534-1263

Lisa Helveston

Lisa Pitts 215-230-0848

We appreciate them being uploaded ASAP. These directions can be used for any special events.

We will be having some open working hours if you'd like to come in and design some pages.

Thank you.


“Let’s Run” is a parent volunteer running club that teaches fitness principles, physical development and nutritional education. Let’s Run will meet every Thursday directly after school until 5:00. The start date is on Thursday, March 17th and will continue for 8 weeks ending on May 12th.

The cost is $20 per child and includes a healthy snack each week, t-shirt and fun incentives.

Registration information will come home soon!

Questions you can email Beth Gray or Stacey Wanko at


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TOWN HALL MEETING on Internet Safety, Social Media and Digital Literacy Education

Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce that we will once again be holding a Town Hall meeting on the topics of Internet Safety, Social Media, and Digital Literacy Education for the parents of students at CB East, Holicong, Buckingham, Cold Spring, Warwick, Bridge Valley, and Linden. We were excited about the turnout of last year's event - we realize this was a "new" idea, as often our elementary , middle, and high school parents do not get the opportunity to meet together, but feel it is effective for our entire community to have the opportunity to meet with experts in this area from our community and school district. The format of the presentation will be a combination or presentation, of facts, practical resources for parents, panel discussion, and question and answer for our panel.

Our panel will consist of BCIU Technology Expert Brandon Lutz, Local Police Detectives Donte Montella and Rob McLeod, Delaware Valley University and Temple University Law and Pupil Services professor Dr. Todd Fay, and administrators, parents, and students from our school cluster. In advance of the Town Hall, we would ask that you take a moment to provide us with information and possible questions by clicking here - please take a moment to fill this out even if you cannot attend in person -

It is our duty as educators to educate our students and parents on topics that will affect their education and impact our community. We are fortunate to have experts in our community to share their knowledge with us so we can ensure we are getting the "right" information. We hope you can join us on February 25th!

Who: Parents of students at CB East, Holicong, Cold Spring, Buckingham, Linden, Warwick, and Bridge Valley
What: Town Hall Meeting on Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship
When: February 25th at 7 pm
Where: Holicong Auditorium
Why: To inform our community and have a collaborative discussion on this topic

if you have a mobile device or table, please bring it to this event. Thank you!

Central Bucks East Cluster Administrators
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A letter from the YMCA:

In 2015, the YMCA transitioned their ‘Learning to Swim’ program to become more focused on water safety skills, creating a new ‘Safety Around Water’ program. The goal of this new program is to reduce children’s risk of drowning by teaching them basic water safety skills. To support this nationwide movement, the Central Bucks Family YMCA developed a new pathway to support our community: the 2nd Grade Swim Initiative. According to statistics, drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death for children ages 5-14. Furthermore, 60% of children who drown are within 10 feet of safety. These statistics are not only alarming, but show that we need to put a large focus on teaching children how to get themselves to safety. The CBF YMCA is taking a stand to help change these statistics and save our youth through the creation of this new pathway. Therefore, it is our goal to ensure that all children have the tools and skills they need to reduce the risk of drowning by the time they leave 2nd grade. In order to successfully reach this population and make this impact, we need the support of the school district.

Why 2nd Graders?

As is with many other activities, we identified 2nd graders (ages 7-9 typically) as a key age group who start to become more independent in and around water. At the Y for example, 7 years of age marks the youngest age where swimmers can ben in the pool by themselves given they pass a certain test. Their motor skills and strength starts to develop beyond the basics that have been covered throughout kindergarten and 1st grade. It is shown that the age of 7 starts children in the third cognitive development stage, which allows for children to start gaining organized and logical thought. In addition they are able to start developing concrete problem-solving skills. If a child falls into deep water, they need to be able to determine the problem and then drawing from their memory, remember the order of tasks that will solve the current challenge. At earlier ages, while a child can learn specific skills, it may be hard for them to understand the logic behind the ‘when’ and ‘how’ to apply those skills.

What does the program consist of?

The 2nd Grade Initiative begins with a free water safety evaluation, which is open to all 2nd graders in the community. If the child does not pass the evaluation, they qualify for 4 free water safety lessons. In addition, all youth who qualify for these lessons will also receive a free youth membership for the duration of the program to encourage families to help support their child(ren) and practice those skills learned in the lessons.

What is the cost for the program?

This program, including all components, is completely free upon qualification.

When will the evaluation take place?

We will be hosting 2 options for the evaluation: Sunday, April 10th 6-7 pm OR Saturday, April 16th 12:30-1:30 pm. We are asking families to pre-register either online or at the Y.

If the child qualifies, when will the water safety lesson take place?

The lessons will be held on Sundays from 6-7 pm on the following dates: 5/1/16, 5/8/16, 5/15/16 and 5/22/16; they are scheduled to finish right before Memorial Day weekend, when pools start to open up and the ‘summer swim season’ officially begins.

The youth membership will run for the whole month of May.

Why we need your support:

The Y did a ‘soft run’ of the program in Spring 2015, which had huge success with those who participated. We served 9 students in the free lessons, all of whom were able to complete the tasks by the end of the water safety lessons that they were unable to do so 5 weeks prior at the evaluation. Their success proved the impact we could have on 2nd graders in the community. We are asking that the school district help in making this impact by spreading the word and pushing the importance of this initiative to the parents and guardians of the 2nd grade population. Our goal for the end of the 2016 season is that any child who would benefit from this initiative is able to do so.


For more information, parents and/or school staff can contact Ashley Coticchio, Associate Director of Aquatics, at215-34-8131 x1409 or

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