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Learning new things can be both challenging & rewarding. The good news is Smore is VERY user friendly and allows creating to be fun instead of frustrating. WARNING: This is a collaboration of self taught idea combined in 1 place over a 3 day period.

Let's start with a short video about Getting Started on Smore.

Begin a Flyer

New Flyer, Choose a template


  • Font
  • Background
  • Color Scheme
  • Design
  • Order


  • Text Box - Add link to text
  • Title
  • Picture
  • Picture Gallery
  • Event - RSVP to event & Maps
  • Bio
  • Audio - Must have audio account*
  • Video - Youtube
  • Embed Link
  • Button
  • Form - Gmail
  • File - PDF, JPEG, etc.


  • Educator Hive
  • Email
  • Embedded Link
  • Publish to Smore (private or public)
  • Quick sharing tools

How to Enter Mailing Lists on Smore

  1. You
  2. Mailing Lists
  3. Create New List or Add People
  4. Copy From EXCEL Spreadsheet, Import, or simply type




  1. Click "Done Editing" - to go back just click "Edit Your Flyer"
  2. Send test email and/or Preview your flyer
  3. Send newsletter to Smore Mailing Lists or enter contacts of your own
  4. You can also copy the link to your flyer and post on a web page or social media
  5. Another option would be to Print or Download your flyer!

Where to Find Your Flyers?

Simply click the "Your Flyers" button at the top of the page. Here you can organize, sort, and filter all flyers you have created. Also, duplicate and edit a copy of your flyer, or delete them here.

P.S. Everything Auto Saves, just as Google Docs does. Just try not to hit the back button if you preview your flyer and it opens a new window.

Who's Watching?

There will be a visitor count on each flyer, you can also visit Analytics to get a breakdown of activities and interactions.

Signup Form

If you want to collect subscribers on your blog or website, you can use the HTML code. Refer to your website provider's documentation to see how to embed HTML code.


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Educator Hive

This is where you can explore other educators work & use it as your own!


All images shown in picture boxes provided by pixabay

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