Waiters And Waitresses

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Details about waiters and waitresses

A waiter or waitresses is in charge of taking orders and serving the food and beverages

How to become a waiter or waitress

Becoming a waiter or waitress does not require formal education. Skills are learned through a short term on the job training. However this job requires certain qualities, for example you need

  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Physical stamina


The hourly wage is usually $8.92 ( including tips ). In some states the lowest pay is $7.25 in addition to tips. Some employees are provided with free meals and furnish uniforms

Job Outlook

Being a Waiter or Waitresses is a competitive job workers face competition for jobs. Also it is expected to grow 6% by 2022 which the average of growth is slower than other jobs. People expect job opportunities to be very high since many people are leaving there jobs as a waiter or waitresses
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Work Environment

Waiter's and waitresses usually work in bars , hotels , restaurants , and other food serving and drinking establishments. When they get busy they are under a lot of pressure to serve the customers quickly. About half of the workers work part time meaning they work early mornings , late evenings , and holidays
Become a Waiter or Waitress