Swimsuits Back Then, to Now!

1920's to 2000

Swimsuits Do You Really Know Anything?

I bet you there's a lot about swim suits you don't know about. Say the styles from the 1920's to now they've changed, a lot! Now there are many ways to wear a swim suit like a one piece, 2 piece, and either with a little skirt or full cover up.

1920's Through The 1930's

1920’s swimsuits look nothing like they do now. Can you imagine wearing a three inch sleeve tank top with mid thigh shorts and a rubber belt to go to the pool? But, yeah if you were a girl ( or woman ) that's what you had to wear to the pool, beach, or any body of water that wasn't your bath tub. In the 1930's that how ever changed you would most likely wear a kind of one piece looking swimsuit that sort of looked as if it had a built in shorts often with some type of over skirt to cover up the thighs stopping right above the knee.

1940's Through the 1960's

So the basic swimsuit from the 1930's hadn't changed much until 1946 when Luis Reard had "invented" the bikini. Well he didn't invent the bikini but, he got it to be sold and from then on they have made things from that. The tankini a swimsuit that has a cut right below the belly button, so it is not a bikini but in the style of one and not a one piece although it has the comfort of one.

Most looks of the 1920's to 1960's