Berta Palacios Library Newsletter

4th Six Weeks (2016-2017)

PSJA Elementary Battle of the Bluebonnet Books

PSJA Elementary Battle of the Books

D'banhy Ocanas, Derek Fraire and Junior Morua represented Berta S. Palacios in the Battle of Bluebonnet Books competition held at PSJA Southwest Early College High School. The competition was held Friday, January 27, 2017. Our students did an awesome job!



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Texas Bluebonnet Award Book Voting

Voting at Palacios Library-January 23-31, 2017

2017 Texas Bluebonnet Award Ballot Confirmation

Book Title and Author


1. Crenshaw (Katherine Applegate)


2. The Terrible Two (Mac Barnett & John Jory)


3. The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch (Chris Barton)


4. Circus Mirandus (Cassie Beasley)


5. Lowriders in Space (Cathy Camper)


6. The Chicken Squad (Doreen Cronin)


7. Space Case (Stuart Gibbs)


8. Poems in the Attic (Nikki Grimes)


9. Roller Girl (Victoria Jamieson)


10. A Fine Dessert (Emily Jenkins)


11. Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer (Kelly Jones)


12. Ratscalibur (Josh Lieb)


13. A Handful of Stars (Cynthia Lord)


14. Woof (Spencer Quinn)


15. Hiawatha and the Peacemaker (Robbie Robertson)


16. Mesmerized: How Ben Franklin Solved a Mystery that Baffled All of France (Mara Rockliff)


17. The Fog Diver (Joel N. Ross)


18. Echo (Pam Muñoz Ryan)


19. Nightmares! (Jason Segel & Kirsten Miller)


20. Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible (Ursula Vernon)


Total of Votes Cast


Total number of students voting by grade level:

3rd: 63

4th: 62

5th: 68

6th: 0

Grade Total: 193



PHARR, TX 78577

Person Reporting: Mrs. Linda Hinojosa

Palacios Winner: The Terrible Two (Mac Barnett & John Jory)


2017 Texas Bluebonnet Award Winner

Roller Girl (Victoria Jamieson)

18,481 Total Votes


PSJA Education Foundation Mini Grant Winner!

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PSJA Education Foundation awards $30,000 in teacher grants

On Thursday, January 18, 2017, the PSJA Education Foundation surprised Palacios Librarian Mrs. Linda Hinojosa by awarding the library a grant for $892.57. The mini grant will help produce the annual Dr. Suess event. This year the event will be a Dr. Seuss Literacy Carnival. The PSJA Education Foundation awarded $30,000 for classroom projects at 20 district campuses between January 18 and January 25, 2017. The foundation created in 2013 is an independent non-profit organization operating exclusively for the benefit of the faculty and students at PSJA ISD. Community sponsors and monthly contributions of PSJA ISD employees support the foundation. Thirty-six grants ranging from $300 to $1,000 were awarded this year.


PSJA Laureate Program

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PSJA A.R. High School Diploma-100,000 Word Count

Eva F. Uresti

Devany Moreno

Jaden J. Cobaxin

Efrain A. Matamoros

Junior D. Morua

Jose I. Gallardo

Alejandro Alba

Jaime Hernandez

Alexa G. Alejos

Derek Fraire

D'banhy Y. Ocanas

Leslie Reyna

Jose L. Padron-Tenorio

Angel Perez

Sophia N. Garcia

Daniela Mireles

Juan A. Hernandez

Isabella Harper

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PSJA A.R. High School Diploma-100,000 Word Count

Pictured: Maddox Martinez

Rebecka Hernandez

Dylan E. Martinez

Marissa L. Lopez

Not Present: Hanzel Zepeda

Alexa Perez

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PSJA A.R. Associates Degree-250,000 Word Count

Junior D. Morua

Jose I. Gallardo

Derek Fraire

D'banhy Y. Ocanas

Leslie Reyna

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PSJA A.R. Associates Degree-250,000 Word Count

Jose L. Padron Tenorio

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PSJA A.R. Associates Degree-500,000 Word Count

Derek Fraire

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PSJA A.R. Bachelor's Degree-500,000 Word Count

D'banhy Y. Ocanas


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PSJA A.R. Master's Degree-1,000,000 Word Count

Congratulations D'banhy Ocanas!

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PSJA A.R. Doctorate's Degree-2,000,000 Word Count

Congratulations D'banhy Y. Ocanas!

D'banhy received a $25.00 Barnes & Noble gift card!


H. E. B. Read 3

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H.E.B. Read 3 at Palacios Library

On February 16, 2017, H. E. B. Read 3 was held at Palacios Library. The program facilitators were Ms. M. Lopez and Mrs. Y. Quiroz. The program focuses on educating parents to read to their children a minimum of three times per week. It also promotes healthy eating habits. The program takes place from 8:30 a.m. -10:30 a.m. every Thursday for ten weeks. Other staff also providing planning includes Mrs. M. Cardoza, Palacios Principal, Ms. S. Garza, Palacios Asst. Principal, Mrs. V. Montanez, Head Start Director, Mr. J. Martinez, Head Start Facilitator and Mrs. L. Alaniz, Palacios Parent Educator.


Top Patron Circulation Statistics-4th Six Weeks

Top Patron

1. Martinez Villarreal, Rolando (2nd) 47

2. Trevino, Leroy (2nd) 35

3. Rodriguez, Keylly Marie (2nd) 29

4. Uresti, Christian (2nd) 29

5. Martinez, Nathan Ayden (2nd) 28

6. Uresti, Christopher (2nd) 28

7. Guerrero, Bryan Lee (3rd) 27

8. Ramos, Amariah Nicole (2nd) 27

9. Archer, Matthew Tyler (2nd) 25

10. Moreno, Devany (3rd) 25

Top Homeroom Circulation Statistics-4th Six Weeks

Top Homeroom

1. Lopez, Anahi (2nd) 437

2. Hinojosa, Cynthia (3rd) 256

3. Rodriguez, Jeanette (3rd) 234

4. Martinez, Bianca (5th) 215

5. Sandra Rodriguez (3rd) 206

6. Rodriguez, Sandra (2nd) 205

7. Villarreal, Sylvia (4th) 180

8. Noreiga, Lorena (4th) 164

9. Enriquez, Lisa (1st) 124

10. Valdez, Juan (5th) 119


Palacios Library Circulation Statistics-4th Six Weeks

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Palacios AR Quizzes Taken and Passed

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