Brackets & Bling!

Let's Get MAD For March!

What is March Madness?

Basketball fan or not, you've probably heard of March Madness and the NCAA basketball tournament that takes place this month. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert - because I'm most certainly not - but I do have a husband who is a huge fan and I know that in my home, this month signifies brackets, betting, team seedings and a whole lot of ESPN on my television.

There are 64 teams that will play in the NCAA tourney this month, and they face off in round after round until only one team is left standing. There are four geographic regions and sixteen teams in each. Each team gets a ranking from #1 through #16 in their region (#1 being the best) and the first round pits a #1 team against a #16 team, a #2 team against a #15 team, and so on. The winners of each round advance in the bracket through six rounds of play, until the ultimate winner is crowned.

Is your head spinning? Mine sort of is. But that's okay! We don't need to know the semantics to play our game - you just need to know that YOU are going to get a team to follow AND if your team wins, YOU will win too!

The Glowing Stones' Brackets & Bling Face-Off

Friday, Mar 1st, 12am to Monday, Mar 18th, 11:45pm

A trunk show, phone and/or computer near you

We are going to have a little NCAA action of our own! We'll draw for teams and the team(s) you have will be your team to follow through the tournament. With each round your team wins, you'll win something fun. If your team wins it all, you will win a GIFT CERTIFICATE TO YOUR FAVORITE SPA!

Here's How It Works:

From now through midnight on March 18th, your sponsoring and sales will help increase your chances for a good team!

ONE Entry: For being an active member of the Glowing Stones in 2013 (having sold at least $1 from 1/1/13 on)

ONE Entry: For every $500 you sell from 3/1/13-3/18/13

FIVE Entries: For every new stylist you sponsor from now through 3/18/13

The tournament begins on March 19th, so I'll draw teams early that morning and let you know who you have. Then - LET THE TRASH TALKING BEGIN!

Will this be YOU?!

Let's get busy, girls! GAME ON! :)

xo, Krista