The Bear Necessities

December 14, 2018


This week has been full of reminders about why we do what we do. I want to thank you for the connections that you make daily with children, families and school family members. I had the opportunity to speak to a large group of local business owners and answer their questions as part of a LSR7 panel of speakers. The group had submitted their questions ahead of time. It seems no matter the program or student age served, we all told the group the same thing.

  • We need to give children our time, undivided attention and a voice (we are listeners)
  • Mental Health needs are high and our skills are still developing and we are not staffed to successfully meet these needs
  • Put technology down and connect
  • Communicate with school, this is imperative to your child's success

I was very proud to represent this powerful staff at GBEEC. Your work is simply life changing. I know that as you are planning for your work, it may get complicated and tiring, please know that each child/family you connect with is changed by the relationship with you. This may occur in one simple phone call or in a long relationship. Keep doing the good work, it matters!!

Two emails came to me yesterday. They were both from LSR7 staff members who are NOT part of GBEEC. They both complimented the work done here. They both said that the work done here matters, children are taught that they are SAFE and HEARD....this is the best compliment we could receive!! This is the power of connection....THANK YOU!!

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English Language Learners

Shirley Brown wanted me to share the below article with you. If you have an ELL child/family on your caseload and you have questions, she would really like for you to contact her. She is in our district email
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Kerry and Jeanie

Monday - both at Holy Spirit and home visit, back in afternoon

Tuesday - Here, Kerry to home visit 9:30

Wednesday - Jeanie here, Kerry Jeff City

Thursday - Kerry and Kim here

Friday - Kerry and Kim here