by: Mikey Ogoli


  • Kathmandu
  • head of state: President Bidhya Devi Bhandari
  • head of government: Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli
  • gov: monary
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religious dances are very common in Nepal. the dancers wear elaborate masks and headdresses twice a year, they go up to Mount Everest and for 3 days do an reenacting of the triumph.


they dont have a lot of money to spend on sports or equipment but in nepal vollyball is a very popular sport. they play cricet, soccer, and kite flying. in kite flhying the objective is to cut off other peoples string. Dhandi-biu is also a popular sport with kids, they try to hit a seed with a stick twice in a row.


Nepali's love music, singing is almost like a national sport in Nepal. they have singing Compton's, and in almost every village you go to they will be singing or playing the flute or an entire band playing. with weddings it would be a wedding with out a band play. music is very important to them



they eat two meals a day and one afternoon snack men and many guest are served first, followed by kids. then woman eat last. the typical breakfast and dinner is a dal bhaat.

its white rice and lintel soup with pickled soup


they follow a calendrer called Bikram Samvat it is based on different phrase of the moon. they celebrate new year in mid April instead of January. Dashain is a 2 week celebration in sectemper that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. its a time for gifting, feast, family gathering, and rituals preformed for the goodness of victory