For Sale- Germanium element #32

Asking price- $5,000!!!!

Reasons to buy Ge, atomic number 32

*Germanium ranks 50th in abundance in the Earth's crust.

*It was named after the native country the scientist who discovered it, was from (Germany)

*Clemens Winkler found the element and named it.

*Was first found in Argyrodite.

*Germanium was used in early transistors (helped build modern science, HECK YEAH!!)

*Semi-conducts very well.

*Is currently being tested for use as an alloying agent in lamps

*Germanium is silvery in color and is very lustrous.

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The electron configuration of Germanium is [Ar] 4s2 3d10 4p2

Germanium has 4 electron shells

The most common oxidation state of Germanium is +4 and the least common and rare is +3.

Germanium isn't malleable. In fact, it has a brittle, crystalline structure.

At room temperature, Germanium is a solid.

The heat of fusion for Germanium is 31.8 kJ mol-1

The heat of vaporization 334 kJ mol-1

The atomic mass is: 72.63

Its density is 5323 kg m-3

The atomic volume is 13.6 cc/mol

The ionization potential is 7.900 eV

The electronegativity of Germanium is 2.01

The melting point of germanium is 938.25 degrees Celsius

The boiling point is 2833 degrees Celsius.

The specific heat is 0.31 J g-1 °C

The ionization energies are as follows:

1st:762 kJ/mol

2nd:1537.5 kJ/mol

3rd:3302.1 kJ/mol

The electron affinity of Germanium is 119 kJ/mol

Taylor Bailey

Taylor is a student in Mr. Hanson's fifth period class, who is selling an element for her grade.