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Fact Sheet

A very big amount of animals are brought into the hands of an animal shelter throughout the entire country (dosomething). Shelters get full and no longer have room for animals that nobody wants to adopt. So to make more room shelters kill off dogs and cats that have been there awhile and never found a home of their own (dosomething). There are very many homeless problems in the country right now and the homeless animals out rank other homeless groups (dosomething).

INstead of people taking their extra pets to shelters where they will either: find an adoptive home, get killed to make room in the shelter, or they will live in that shelter until they die; people are letting their pets breed and then they just let the animals rome free and then they become strays. People should start learning how to control the breeding of their pet. Many people should start thinking about a " 'no-birth nation' "(peta.) to help reduce the population of pets and therefor reducing the amount of homeless and killed animals.

In a shelter, cats and dogs are killed "one about every six and one half seconds"(homewardtrails.) Millions of cats and dogs lose their lives because their owners don't want to take care of them. They end up in a shelter, and there are only two ways their lives in the shelter could go. They could get lucky and end up in a happy healthy home, or they will be alone for awhile with no family or anyone to love them and they are killed so a new animal can take their place (homewardtrails).

There are so many homeless animals in our country that "it costs the U.S. taxpayers and estimated 2 billion each year"(homewardtrails). People do not quite understand the horrible lives these animals have. Those who do not find refuge in a shelter must live on the streets and struggle to survive constantly. Many of those animals on the streets "die miserably because of predation"(cityacademyenglish). The number of stray dogs and cats is so high that nobody can get an exact amount of them. The most people give us is an estimate, and even that is unreliable (dosomething).

Animals that don't have identification or are outside and run away are where a lot of strays come from, but others can be just because the family doesn't look for the animal (dosomething). One way to not have so many unwanted animals is by spaying or neutering your pets. This way they can't reproduce and you won't have to have pet you don't want. If you end up with pets you don't want then most likely you will end up taking them to a shelter where they will probably end up getting killed (dosomething).


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