Marketing & Communications Director

International Financial Data Services Canada

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Marketing Area

Management, Analysis


The primary responsibilities of this job include building and leading the strategic direction of the Marketing and Communications functions. Including management of the marketing and communications functions, strategic program design and department management. Additionally, you will also be responsible for maintaining relationships with internal executives, stakeholders, and teams that report to you.



A University degree in business,marketing or communications, preferably an MBA. More than 10 years of work experience in marketing, communications and financial services. Complete understanding of financial services including investment products, mutual funds, segregated funds, deposit accounts and their respective systems and processes.

Marketing Skills

There are several skills that are specific to the marketing subject that are necessary to succeed in this field. This includes but is not limited to, understanding of the marketing functions and how they affect the success of the company, analytical knowledge, interpersonal communication, computer skills and outstanding leadership skills.


As a part of our executive staff, we consider your education a vital representation of the company image. Following are some of the Canadian programs that we would consider.

  • University of Western Ontario - Richard Ivey School of Business - Undergraduate: Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies, HBA, Graduate: MBA
  • Queen's University - Bachelor of Commerce, Graduate: MBA
  • University of Toronto - Roman School of Management - Undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce, Graduate: MBA
  • York University - Schulich School of Business - Bachelor of Business Administration, Graduate: MBA

Other schools will also be considered.

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This career has many skills that are a perfect fit for me because it is reflective of my skilset and is something that I would greatly enjoy doing. For instance, I have a great interest in investments and am proficient with creating software. I also have many leadership qualities that are essential to completing this job.


This job requires many many responsibilities, and good multitasking and time management skills. It also requires you to have quick and effective decision making skills and to thoroughly understand the consequences of such decisions. In addition, budgeting and reporting is a major factor of this job that is often overlooked.