Sheldon ISD Tech Tips

March 2018

Spring Is In The Air

Now that we are officially in the 4th 9 weeks of the 2017 - 2018 school year, this month's Tech Tips will be about tools you and your students can use to produce creative products that demonstrate learning. You may also find that these are great options for differentiation - either for content, process, or product depending upon how they are used.


Vocaroo ( is a website that allows the user to quickly and easily capture and record audio. Once recorded, the user can then get a link for the recording or download it as an mp3 file.

This is another great tool for capturing student voice and explanation of their learning.

So, how can you use Vocaroo?

  • Students can create a QR code that when scanned, plays their audio recording for projects or presentations.
  • Students who are practicing their spoken language skills, presentation skills, or speeches can record them and turn them into their teacher. The teacher can use this recording as evidence of learning or skill acquisition.
  • Audio recording for teacher-student feedback or peer feedback.

This tool is great for use in elementary or secondary classrooms.


Screencastify is a Google Chrome extension, and our tech department has approved it so that it can be added to the Chrome browser by both teachers and students. With one click, the user can start recording the screen at the same time as he/she is recording audio. Once the video processes, it is automatically saved in your Google Drive. You also have the option to send the video to your school YouTube channel. Note: Screencastify is intended for use on chromebooks or computers and for students over the age of 13. This tool is great for use in secondary classrooms

To get Screencastify, navigate to the Chrome Web Store using the Apps button in the upper left corner of your browser, or you can search for it in Google. Once there, search for the Screencastify extension and add it to your browser. You will see a film icon (see the image below).

Big picture
So - how do you use it? As a teacher, you can use it to create tutorial videos for students. You can demonstrate how to use a tech tool while you explain it or where students can find information on their device. You could also walk them through anything on your computer - images, websites, files, etc. while you narrate.

Students can create digital products, like a document, a slideshow, images from a lab investigation, etc. and then use Screencastify to describe what they created and what their learning was. They can then turn in the video that was created to the teacher from Google Drive. This could be a great option for students who are working on language acquisition or verbal communication skills.


An easier way to start deeper, more empowering discussions. Recap ( is a question-led chat tool augmented by the power of video that makes it easier to start deeper, more empowering discussions with students and teachers. Similar to Flipgrid, Recap allows you to post a question for students and they respond via video. Privacy settings vary, so teachers can have students respond privately to them or responses can be open to the class with feedback options available.

Recap is great for use in elementary or secondary classrooms.

Annette Clark, M. Ed.

STEM Academy Facilitator