Richard Wagner

Benjy Shaulov

Composer of the Romantic Era

Wagner is an important composer because he created a lot of really good compositions. He is well known in opera in the music world. His music is very beautiful. As a young boy, Wagner attended school in Dresden, Germany. He did not show aptitude in music and, in fact, his teacher said he would "torture the piano in a most abominable fashion." The fact that he was able to become a great composer despite this is remarkable.
Richard Wagner - "Tristan und Isolde", Prelude

influens other composers

Wagner may have influenced other composers by showing them his music. That will influence them because it shows them that not only instrumental music is the only music. since Wagner is a opera composer he will have people singing not playing. That will not only influence them it will inspire because it will be put in their minds to try something new. that's how Wagner's music will influence and inspire other composers.