Dangers "On The Line"

What NOT to do Online

The Unknown Dangers of Sexting

The idea of sexting is one that is unknown to many grown adults yet they are the only ones who seem to understand the consequences. It is believed that over 5 million photos containing nudity are sent via mobile phones every day. This statistic was also given before the introduction of SNAPCHAT in which police have been constantly dealing with issues of people spreading photos of under age women attempting to satisfy their boyfriend, partner or friend by sending nude photos. One photo if screenshot, forwarded, put online or even kept can have disastrous effects later on in life if police or employers get involved. Now that employers and police have access to all 'personal' information anything that ends up on the internet is there forever and for anyone to see. If you go for an interview for a job and an employers see's your image online do yu thin he will really want to hire you? In this modern world of iphones, and access to internet anywhere it is making it harder and harder for anything you do to stay private. But there is a solution and it is actually very simple. If you don't send, you don't worry. Because once it is sent, it is too late. Just by sending one nude image it is breaking FIVE criminal laws and often serious penalties will occur. So think, is sending that picture to him or her really worth it? Think about it.
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Jessica (Jesse) Logan, was a petite, blond-haired, blue-eyed Ohio high school senior who committed suicide after sexting a nude photo of herself to her boyfriend.

21st Century Bullying

In this new age of computers, mobile phones, the internet and social networking it is easier than ever to judge or attack someone. Anything that is placed on the internet is no longer your property and can be accessed by anyone! even when you think it is safe anyone can access it. Just because it doesn't happen to you doesn't mean it doesn't exist! Too many people these days are victims of cyber bullying where anyone can hide as anonymous and send cruel and harsh messages to a person and often these messages pile on and become more frequent as the anonymous person notices the affect he or she is having. Soon enough these messages become threats and the victim is diagnosed with a severe case of depression all because of the person behind the anonymous name. If you are one of these people, whether you think it is a joke or just doing it as a laugh there is no way of knowing how the person you are sending it to will take it. Every day someone is taking their life because of other peoples actions online that is building up to the point where they believe the only way out is suicide. The simplest thing is to just not do it. Stop the chain of faceless bullies by making a stand in this horrible society in which we live today. Cyber Bullying is a pathetic CRIME and you are part of the solution! Once it is said, the is no Ctrl + Z.

Be The Change! What can I do?

The only person who can make the internet a safer place is you! Because with out you it will not stop! If someone asks you for a revealing photo of yourself, no matter who they are, just say no. If they argue with you than they probably aren't worth your time anyway. If you don't send then there is no problem. If you receive a revealing message from a friend don't make it ant worse. Delete it straight away and DO NOT forward it on to others!

If you are a victim of cyber bullying or know someone who is, break the silence! Take a stand and be the change! Silence is the killer and is often seen as a sign of weakness. If you are not afraid to stand up, tell someone and fight against it then chances are it is going to stop quicker and you will get back to being happy sooner. If you are the bully, stop and think about the effect your actions may be having on that person. WOuld you really want them to commit suicide because you pushed them to far. You may think you are joking but there is no joke in it. Be The Change.

Delete Cyber Bullying