"All Together Adamson--Excellence In Action"

The Week of March 21-25, 2016

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The Adamson Feeder Pattern will work collaboratively with all parents and stakeholders to ensure ALL students are college and career ready by providing rigorous, highly engaging, quality instruction.



KUDOS to ADAMSON HS, GILLIAM CA and GARCIA MS for working hard on their master schedules. Last week's presentations went well and we are looking forward to Gilliam's presentation next week.


Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence

Chapter 6: Accountability & Responsibility

QUESTION: Do I conduct daily self-reflections and self-assessments of my leadership?

Aurthor Kafele tells us that we should ask the following questions when engaging in self-reflection:

1. Who am I?

2. What am I about?

3. What is my most recent evidence?

The first question establishes your identity, the second establishes your purpose, and the third establishes the evidence for the answers to the previous two. It is essential to spend time reflecting on and assessing your relationship with other administrators at your school (or leaders). As the principal, you must regularly reflect upon how you treat and deploy your administrative team by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Do I feel as though my relationship with other administrators or leaders is healthy?

2. Is my team loyal to me?

3. Is my team committed to me?

4. Does my team believe in me?

5. Do I believe in my team?

6. Do I have confidence in my team?

7. Will my team go the extra mile for me?

8. Will my team sacrifice for me?

9. Do the other administrators fully understand their roles?

My charge to you is to seriously reflect upon these questions and make changes where you find that your situation could improve.

Here's to a great week of teaching and learning!

*Exerpts taken from the book The Principal 50 by Baruti Kafele


Monday, March 21, 2016

    • ECHS Meeting with Mr. Cordero 7:30 AM @ Haskell (Cheatham, Nicholson, Hill)
    • AP Focus Group 4:00 @ Haskell, First Floor

    Tuesday, March 22, 2016

    • Spring Budget Meetings @ HCM new building (Please see schedule for your assigned time)
    • TEI Expert Group 4:45 @ WHHS

    Wednesday, March 23, 2016

    • Monthly Principal Meeting 1:00-5:00 @ DCS Building

    Thursday, March 24, 2016

    • Adamson Feeder Pattern Meeting Cancelled
    • After Schools All Stars Tour 4:30 @ Life Schools Charter (Sotelo, Auld, Hill)

    Friday, March 25, 2016

    • Inclement Weather Day--Campuses Closed/Central Staff Open
    • School Leadership Meeting 8:30-10:30 AM @ Haskell (Ms. Hill)

    Wednesday, March 30, 2016

    • 4th Six Weeks Failure Intervention Plans due to Ms. Hill

    Spring ACP Film Festival

      Registration is now open in Curriculum Central! Encourage your teachers to attend!
      Elementary date: April 9
      Secondary dates: March 22 – March 31

    Mandatory Summer Personalized PD for Teachers

    As you know from the WAIP memo, teachers will now complete 14 credits (2 days) of PD during the summer. Please communicate this to your teachers now so that they can plan accordingly. You must document receipt of this communication by signature of the teacher. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Thanks!


    The next round of PD for K-2 reading teachers will be March 21-23.

    Professional Development for 3-5 grade reading cadre members will be on April 7.

    A Note From Your Executive Director...


    Welcome Back! Whether your time off was spent at home or away, I hope that you were able to unplug and enjoy life!

    The next few weeks will be busy with budget meetings, staffing decisions, student assessments, and TEI requirements. Throughout all of these tasks, you must not let the amount of time spent in the classroom observing instruction waiver. TEACHING AND LEARNING must remain a priority and this must be communicated through your actions as a leader. Create your observation schedule and stick to it! Make this the BEST short week possible!

    School is back in session so here's to a great week of teaching and learning!

    Ms. Hill


    Student surveys will be administered in late March or early April. Have your teachers begin to prepare students by explaining to them what the instrument is and what to expect. You will also need to plan for the administration of the survey and include it in your instructional calendars.

    In May, teachers will verify their rosters in order to verify the students will be included in the calculation of their student achievement results.

    MAY 19th is the last day that administrators can score the SLO Goal Accomplishment for teachers. Please plan with your teachers to ensure that they enter appropriate information in a timely manner so that this goal can be met.

    MAY 19th is also the last day to enter extended observations and summatives in schoolnet.

    May 23-June 6 will be the teacher rebuttal window in oracle for summative performance evaluations.

    June 2 is the last day to conduct spot observations and the last day to hold the summative conferences.


    • W.H. Adamson High School, Principal Jaine Ortega
    • Kathryn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy, Principal LaKeiah Cheatham
    • Hector P. Garica Middle School, Principal Gary Auld
    • Felix G. Botello Elementary, Principal Reyna Sotelo
    • James Bowie Elementary, Principal Noelle Wilson
    • James Hogg Elementary, Principal Jairo Casco
    • John F. Peeler, Principal Sofia Villarreal
    • John Reagan Elementary, Principal Ruby Ramirez



    2--SAT (Grade 11)

    7-April 6--TELPAS (K-12)

    29--STAAR EOC English I (9-12)

    29--STAAR Writing (Grades 4 & 7)

    29--STAAR Math (Grades 5 & 8)

    30--STAAR Reading (Grades 5 & 8)

    31-STAAR EOC English II & 7th Grade Pre-AP


    4-22--STAAR ALT 2 Assessment Window (3-8 & EOC)

    4-8--ES & HS Art Performance ACP (Grades 5, 9-12)

    12-15--Student Survey Window (Grades 3-12)

    12-22--ITBS/LOGRAMOS Window (K-2)--WILL CLARIFY

    18-19--ES Gym ACP (Grade 4)

    18-29--Secondary Band Performance ACP (Grades 6-12)

    20-21-ES Music Performance ACP (Grade 3)


    9-24--Middle School Gym Performance ACP (Grades 6-8)

    16-19--Middle School Art Performance ACP (Grade 7)

    2-6--STAAR EOC Algebra I, Biology, US History (9-12)

    9--STAAR Math (Grades 3,4,6,7)

    9--STAAR Math Re-test (Grades 5 & 8)

    10--STAAR Reading (Grades 3,4,6,7)

    10--STAAR Reading Re-test (Grades 5 & 8)

    11--STAAR Science (Grades 5 & 8)

    12--STAAR Social Studies (Grade 8)

    2-27--Istation's ISIP Assessment EOY (K-2)

    18-26--ACP (Grades 3-5)

    27-June 2--ACP (Grades 6-12)

    **This chart will be updated as necessary


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