Water Problems

Democratic Republic of Congo

What wrong's with DRC?

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been infested with waterborn diseases, such as bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, and the natives are not at fault. Africa has a problem with water, and only 47% of Africans have clean water access. Not only are diseases already in the water, but snails, worms, and parasites affect the already poor water quality. Due to these water problems, life expectancy, life quality, and economic development decrease immensly.

Background Information


Everyone has come across advertisements that practically beg you to donate. But although many causes are just as important as the water problems in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you have to imagine it to the full extent of how important some truly are. Put yourself in the natives' shoes. You are thirsty and see a river. Why have you not drinken from it? Because it's infected, and if you drink that water, you could very well suffer from the effects. The natives stumble upon this problem every single day. Think for a moment, and you should understand the need of donations. So please, donate.