New Visionary Advertising Product

Best In Class For Lead Generation

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Imagine, you have bought this new Visionary Advertising Product. Your customer is out after hours, mingling with their friends. Jacob asks Kylie where she did business for her product/service.

Kylie responds with excitement because she has YOUR information on hand! She has Jacob scan her "Visionary Advertising Product" QR code and BAM! Jacob now has YOUR contact information and website on his mobile device!

This "Visionary Advertising Product" is YOUR 24/7 mini billboard working to bring you leads! The best compliment is when friends tell their friends about you! That's priceless.

This "Visionary Advertising Product" cures the dilemma of lost business cards or cards that are left at home.

I think we can agree that we all have one thing in common when we leave home~ We leave with our keys in hand! This is the marketing sweet spot!

I'm ready to show you some samples and give you the links to get you started today! Start big or start small but don't be left behind! Get ahead of your competition!

Advertising/Marketing Power

We advertise your tag for free on our national directory of ICE KEYTAG Merchants, allow you to post tagholder only deals, and clicking on the picture of your tag will take the viewer to your website! This is a no charge, value added service. Your tag will also be introduced to the world on our Facebook fan site.

QR Code Marketing. Your tag includes an optional QR code marketing feature, which allows you to provide additional dynamic marketing content to smartphone and iPad users. We also employ a dynamic QR coding system, which means you can have the content change without invalidating the code! This is huge!

Thank You

Thank You for allowing me the opportunity to share with you!

I am passionate about I.C.E. Keytags because there is MORE to this then what meets the eye. Its a way you can give your customer/client a "gift" for doing business with you. That "feel good feeling" that it takes today to build relationships that result in a LOYAL Customer/Client base. Click on the website link below!