Generative Reading

Strategy used to increase student's indepent learning

What is Generative Reading Strategy?

It is a strategy that allows teachers to break away from the role of constantly feeding information to the students, and have the students become independent learners and generate their own ideas.

Uses of Generative Reading Strategy

There are many different uses of this strategy.

1. Teacher assigns each student or a pair to a chapter in the book that they are reading together as a class and they are in charge of developing 3 discussion questions to ask the class after they have read the chapter (fiction).

2.Teachers can send students off on a scavenger hunt through the internet or the school's library finding facts and myths about a specific aspect in a non-fiction book that they are reading. For example, if the students are reading about Amelia Earhart, they can research about her disappearance or her career or her accomplishments.

Their Role

They both are Professor of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University. They have created a list of ideas on how teachers can implement the Generative Reading strategy in their classroom
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