By Dylan Peevy


The book cover for my version of Pride and prejudice!

Look at the passion in my eyes! Makes you want to read the story don't it!

Pride and Prejudice Poems

Dylan Peevy

Ms, Dearman

English IV

14 September 2013

"Love note"

Hey baby,how are you?

You said good ,we'll I am too,

I want to tell you something, I'm not scared to,

Life would suck without you.

I'll be there in the morning due, when you need me to comfort you.

There wont ever be a time when I don't say I love you,

Because baby, I'll always be True,

Me and you,the perfect Crew, its almost like its just us two,

It's not going to be easy but we can make do,

So I'm going to end like I begain and say, Baby..

I love you!


Why do you love him, you know He is bad for you.

You think he loves you ? Haha We both knows that's not true.

Why marrie him he is no good to you.

Better watch out he might rub off on you.

Yes he has money to offer but money is not enough

No, not for you!

I thought you different, but I Guess I can't blame you

He has money and you have to do what you got to do.

I wish the best of luck to the both of you, haha just kidding


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Pride and prejudice royals remix

ROYALS REMIX! New hit song by Peevy and Wofford!

P&P analysis

Dylan Peevy

Ms. Dearman

English IV

14 September 2013

Elizabeth views her self as a person that is right about everything. She thinks she is very smart and she is ready to ague with anyone who decides to Challenge her. The others view my character as a prejudice person. Some might also say she I unlady like and some might say she is a strong women who is fighting to change the way women are viewed during the time.e book Elizabeth begins to open her eyes and she realizes that she was wrong about everything." I, who have prided myself on my discernment! " (178,179). This comment by Elizabeth showed that she learns how prejudice she was toward Darcy.