Geographic factors

China is surrounded by many different geographic features. They are mountains, deserts, plateaus, rivers, the ocean, and forests. In china people live near rivers for fertile soil and water. Also near plains for farming goods. China has enough natural resources to last a life time.

Opium War

Great Britain and China trade with each other. China trades their tea and silks for money from Britain. Britain is going broke and they need to find something to trade with Britain so they decided to sell Opium. Opium is a addictive drug from a poppy plant in India. China didn't like this Idea. This lead to the Opium War, Great Britain won so they could still trade their drug in China.


China is Ethnocentric, this means that they believe they are superior to all others. Being Ethnocentric is the effect of being isolated from other countries. Also China has a huge supply of natural resources and they think they don't need anyone else or their crappy goods.


China believes in Confucianism. Confucianism is a proper behavior for all parts of society. China established Confucianism values in government and in daily life. The Civil Service System had a impact on China for years. Also established Confucian values. Men were also thought to be superior to women.