Principal's Corner #6

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COT Staff and Committee Meeting Schedule

Thank you

Thank you for your patience as our intervention team has been hard at work to support as many students as possible in literacy. Our interventionists worked hard to assess students of concern, which were based off of teacher recommendations and prior years data. Then from there, we looked at our students K-5 to identify the biggest areas of concern in each grade level. We will begin intervention Monday, September 17th. These students will receive intervention for approximately six weeks, where at that point, we will review progress and determine the next intervention groups. We will also be monitoring our "watch" students, based on teacher discussions/prior years data. If you have any questions and this process, please come see me. I am happy to discuss this with you further.

Evaluation Reminders

Goal Meetings

Be sure to schedule your goal meeting prior to October 12th!

Formal Observations

Once you have had your goal meeting, you can schedule your first observation.

Probationary teachers: Schedule two observation cycles before November 20th. Each of these observations must consist of a 20 minute pre-observation meeting, 40 minute classroom observation, and a 20 minutes post-observation meeting.

Non-probationary teachers: Schedule one observation cycle before November 20th. This observation must consist of a 20 minute pre-observation meeting, 40 minutes classroom observation, and a 20 minutes post-observation meeting. However, if you would prefer to do 4-10 minute observations in place of the 40 minute classroom observation, please contact your evaluator.

Mid-Year Reviews

Between November 26 and December 14, please schedule a 30 minute mid-year review with your evaluator.

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From the desk of Ashley Gray....

Evacuation Drill Follow Up

Teachers thank you so much for making our second drill quick and easy! I am so impressed with how everyone handled the first unannounced drill! The students were quiet and exited quickly. Below are a few items to we wanted to clarify:

*Regarding the windows in your door, please leave these uncovered at all times, with the exception of a lockdown. During a lockdown, you will need to cover them, but for evacuation and day to day, please keep them open so we can visibly see if everyone is out of the rooms.

*Make sure your doors are locked at all times. You can prop it open when you are in the room, but once the door closes it needs to be locked. Please also be cautious if you use a magnet to keep your door from shutting. You will need to move the magnet out of the way in the event of an evacuation (fire) drill.

*Please post your safety drill school map by your classroom door. This will help if you have a sub in your classroom. Please also make sure you add to your sub plans where to go in the even of a lockdown or evacuation drill.

*Remember to always take a walkie outside with you. To alert those on the playground during recess, we will announce the drill over the walkie as well as pulling the alarm and/or making announcements over the loud speaker.


SpEd Collaboration Days (formally known as Articulation days) will be structured a little differently from the past. These days will be reserved for our students who have current IEP's or are in the midst of the Special Education process. This will be an Eagles opportunity for our general education teachers to collaborate with our Special Education team. If you have a student(s) with a current IEP or a student(s) going through the Special Education process, please plan to attend these collaboration days during your specials time in the conference room.

Please use this time for the following:

  • to review and ask questions about goals and/or accommodations
  • to discuss upcoming annual IEP meetings, revaluation meetings, eligibility meetings
  • to discuss upcoming curriculum; this will allow our SpEd team to gear their specially designed instruction around what is being taught in the classroom
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Relationships and Rapport: "You Don't Know Me Like That!"

Rapport is a building block of effective classroom management. Without it, cultural misunderstandings between teachers and students can devolve into chaos.

The quality of teaching and learning hinges upon the quality of the teacher-student relationship. Traditionally, the teacher was seen as a trusted subject matter expert and person of authority within a school, with the power to pass or fail a student, assign detention, and hand out other punitive measures. However, over time, the teacher-student dynamic has changed. Nowadays, in our digital, less hierarchical age, students have much greater access to knowledge and have leveraged a more powerful voice in the teacher-student relationship than ever before. The absolute, unquestionable, and essentially assumed authority that teachers once possessed is diminishing and being replaced by an authority that has to be earned. Building a healthy rapport and positive relationship with students requires the careful cultivation of mutual respect, honesty, and trust.

Written by Gabriel "Asheru" Benn

September 2018 | Volume 76 | Number 1
Classroom Management Reimagined Pages 20-25

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, September 18: Katie and Ashley out 1/2 day, ADCO
  • Tuesday, September 18: Hearing Screenings, Innovation Space (K, 1, 2, 3, 5)

  • Wednesday, September 19 3:00-3:40 PAC Committee Time, Conference Room
  • Friday, September 21: School Spirit Day - Wear your green and blue
  • Friday, September 21: Katie and Ashley out all day, EPC
  • Monday, September 24: AFTERNOON ASSEMBLY SCHEDULE CCHS Spirit Assembly, 1:30 on the big playground if weather permits; the gym will be our backup plan.
  • Tuesday, September 25: SpEd Collaboration Day
  • Tuesday, September 25 1:45 PM: Para Educator Meeting
  • Wednesday, September 26: Staff Meeting, Innovation/Media Center
  • Wednesday, September 26: Shelter in Place Drill @ 2:15
  • Friday, September 28: School Spirit Day - Wear your green and blue
  • Wednesday, October 3, 3:00-3:40: Committed Time, PBIS/PST
  • Friday, October 5, 3:00-6:00: COT Carnival