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Holy Redeemer Catholic School, April 14

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Mark Your Calendars:

Today: Holy Thursday

Tomorrow: No School - GOOD FRIDAY

Saturday: Holy Saturday

Sunday: Easter Sunday

Monday: No School

Tuesday: (April 19)

  • Grade 1 - Chick Hatching
  • Rec and Leadership - Virtual Golf
  • Fine Arts - Choreographer coming in


  • Hot Lunch - (Order Instructions below)
  • Family Wellness Worker - In


  • Mental Heath Capacity Builder - Laura Cormier - In
  • Linking Generations
  • Fine-Arts - After School choreography & Rehearsal


  • Have a great weekend!

School Sports and Events Calendar: Click Here

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Faith Corner

This week at Holy Redeemer, the grade 7 and 8 class created a shadow play depicting the Stations of the Cross which was shown to the school. These 14 stations depict key moments in Jesus’s final days on Earth, from being condemned to death to dying on the cross and being placed in the tomb.

It is often said that you must walk a mile in someone’s shoes to understand what they are going through. An obvious reason we focus on the Stations is it helps us see Jesus’ love for us, willing to endure terrible agony to save us. But another way the Stations can help is that it allows us to see ourselves in the people around Christ, like Pilate, who did not have the courage to stand up and save Jesus’s life, washing his hands clean; or Simon of Cyrene, who helped Jesus to carry the heavy cross.

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School FEES - Now Due

Please take a moment to log-in to your parent portal and check out your school fees as some fees have been added for Semester 2 Programming and are now due. Some outstanding fees include:

  • Junior University k-4
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Foods (7,8)
  • Locker Use Fee (5-8)
  • Technology Use Fee - K-3

**These fees were not added at the start of they year and may have been missed - Please review your parent portal.

Please note, Badminton and Drumheller fees will be ready for payment in the next week or so.

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Library Corner

Thank you to everyone who made purchases at our book fair last week! Your support for our library, and literacy in our school and home is very much appreciated. We will now be able to bring in over $2000 worth of new and exciting books for our students and staff. That’s amazing!! Everyone had so much fun, and it was great to have the fair back in our school!

Congratulations to Julia Gall in kindergarten who won the draw for $25 worth of books for her, and also, $25 in books for her classroom. ~ Mrs. Spilchak was very happy! ;)

~Mrs. Scoggins

Mental Health Corner

This month we are focusing on how we can get more active! We know that getting active is good for our physical health, but it is great for our mental health as well. Here are some ideas you can use to get active as a family this week:

- Go for a bike ride

- Play frisbee, basketball, volleyball, or baseball

- Walk at night and go stargazing

- Go bowling, skating, or to a museum

~Mrs. Cormier

Community / School / Parent Partnerships


What are Kimochis? ---- Kimochis are a fast and effective management tool for children and adults to use both at school and at home. Children and parents quickly connect with the characters and the feelings which helps improve student behavior and learning.

How are Kimochis Different? ----- They allow schools, mental health professionals, parents and the military to easily and quickly help kids (and adults) become more resilient and better cope with the challenges of modern life.

  • Safe and non-threatening
  • Tactile and visual rather than verbal
  • Faster than traditional “talking therapy” methods
  • Targeted curriculum for specific behavior and feelings to promote academic, social and emotional success.

Click below to sign up for this FREE exciting opportunity for parents to learn about Kimochis if you are inclined

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Highlights from this past week

Please enjoy the following pics from the week....

Nutrition Program

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Holy Redeemer Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Holy Redeemer Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Please join us for our PAC meeting Tuesday, April 19 @ 6:30 pm – all parents/caregivers are welcome to join. Some important topics on the agenda include:

1) Spring Fundraising

2) PAC Supported outdoor improvements

Join Google Meeting:

Please see our webpage for more information on meetings:

You can also join our Facebook group:

PAC Plant SALE Fundraiser

This afternoon, your children have come home with the following plant sale fundraiser information sheet. For your convenience, ordering may be placed through the HEALTHY HUNGER @

NEW! 2022-2023 School Year Calendar - Approved by EICS

Common Topics and Quick Links

OLPH Parish

  1. A Reminder about spring registration for First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion INCLUDING a special invitation for family whose children age 7-10 are not yet Baptized. We have special preparation available for those families so the little ones can be welcomed in Baptism during the Easter season then go on to celebrate the other sacraments with their classmates. Please share widely in your classrooms! A direct invitation from the grade 2-4 teachers would be extremely helpful.
  2. Invitations for two different adult Faith Formation opportunities being offered in April by the parish GiFT Committee (Growing in Faith Together.) Please share with all EICS staff and parents. You do not need to be an OLPH parishioner to participate.