Celebrating December

and getting ready for January!!!

Wow what a month!!

Even with all the chaos of the holidays you all still managed to shine with more sales, more shows and more sponsoring than the same time last year - AMAZING!!!
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These ladies made the best decision of their lives in December and joined our tribe - we are so excited to have you! Mary Sievers, Dorothy Austin, Brittany Stewart, Donna Williams, Melissa Bell, Megan Stub, Houston Greenleaf, Aidan Strong, Debra Grohs, Danielle Bottema and Shelly Gibbons I can't wait to see what 2016 holds for you!
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Hello Superstar!!

Congrats to Joni Parker on her promotion to Senior Stylist!!!!
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Top 10 in Sales!!!!!!

These 10 ladies made the world a whole lot sparklier in December!

Madelon Lanier $15,421

Dona Lanier $9,534

Sally Neff $8,531

Barb Fogel $6,810

Abby Masinter $5,890

Tatum Gangi $5,709

Kelli Kay $5,009

Cari Bennett $4,604

Lindsey Rhoades $4,213

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Congrats to these ladies who sold between $2300 - $4,999

Courtney Shannon

Heather Sparks

Sharon McAndrew

Arlicia Chrestotholos

Brittany Hauptman

Elizabeth Urso

Jaynee Buss

Kendra Short

Kimberly Powers

Lindsey Rhoades

Taylor Konowal

Kelli Hensley

Mary Beth Shepard

Bailey Marshburn

Cari Bennett

Erin Wesson

Kristen Dudczak

Lauren Ayvazian

Tiffany Triplett

Colleen McDonald

Jodi Patrick

Joni Parker

Leigh Giddeons

Valerie Martinez

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Today is the last day!!

For customers to redeem their Dot Dollars so take a few moments to reach out to them with a quick text or call! I usually say "Hey it's Courtney with Stella & Dot, I know how busy you are and wanted to let you know today is the last day to redeem those Dot Dollars you earned" People forget, it is our job to jog their memory!
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I am so excited!!!!

For the Spring Collection (went shopping yesterday for outfits to match jewelry I haven't ordered yet)!!! Here is the sampling timeline:

1/7/16 Star Stylists and Above

1/8/16 All Stylist Sampling

1/12/16 Customer Launch

1/21/16 Sampling Closes

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Let's Book Some Trunk Shows!!!

Join me in a Booking Blitz Thursday, January 7th from 8-9 pm. Gather up your Who Do You Know List and dial 712-432-1500 access code 277198# We will start with a quick 5 minute brainstorming session, blitz until 9 then dial back in to share. Everyone who participates is entered to win a Getaway bag from the new collection!
As always I am here to help! Call or text anytime!! xo, Courtney