Proposed Kennemore subdivision

At the Kennemore plant nursery (Mullinax and Union Hill)


Kennemore is a master planned development (MPD) community being planned in Forsyth County at the corner of Mullinax and Union Hill. It will be developed on the land that is currently Kennemore plant nursery. While this does not affect Shiloh Farms directly, it does effect Denmark High School. Union Hill is a road that is used by most Shiloh Farms teenagers to drive to school, and it is already getting congested at school start times. We are bringing this to your attention because there is a planning meeting tomorrow night 2/9/22 to discuss this development. We as a Board are not against development in Forsyth County, but we do feel like Forsyth County should diligently consider co developing traffic solutions as this neighborhood is developed. We would love to see Res 2 considered instead of MPD, but that will most likely not happen.

Who to email:

Forsyth County commissioners: -Molly Cooper- District 1 -Alfred John- District 2 – Todd Levent-District 3 -Cindy Jones Mills- District 4 -Laura Semanson- District 5

Forsyth County Planning Commission – Tim Dineen- Chairman Jessica Thorsen- Secretary -Kerry Hill -Member -Stacy Guy- Member – Nedal Shawkat- Member

Please consider emailing the Board of Commissioners and the Planning Commission with your concerns. We have developed talking points if you would like to add them to your communication.

Regarding the proposed Kennemore subdivision TALKING POINTS

  • Please consider zoning this as a Res 2 development and not MPD.
  • If it must be MPD, please consider more restaurants and shops and less office space.
  • Please focus on a solid plan for road expansion and round-abouts before development of the community begins. This area is already congested with Denmark traffic and homeowners trying to get to 400.
  • Please consider looking at the Shiloh Road/Union Hill junction, specifically the turning lane and please consider adding a light or a round about there. Teenager’s travel into that turn daily getting to Denmark and there have been multiple wrecks there because of the structure of that turn. (Highlight this talking point as it affects our drivers the most).

Shiloh Farms HOA Board of Directors

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