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1. Since Christina started getting bullied, she was depressed and scared.

2. Because Christina felt broken down, she did poor in school.

3. Since I have read this article, I understand how hard it is when your being bullied.

4. Because I have read this story, I am going to stand up for the people who are bullied.

5. Because Christina was scared, she did not want to tell anybody.

6. Because Christina was being bullied, she did not want to go to school.

7. Since Christina is upset, she doesn't care about anything.


If you're a witness then " SPEAK UP!" Stop making the victim wait for help. It may seem like your doing them a favor by not telling, but it's not. The longer you wait, the more they are getting bullied. Tell somebody right now. You will make a difference!

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WE will stop this nonsense!!! Come have some fun- with NO bullying!

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