January 14 to 18

What's Happening this Week

It is great to have everyone back and into routine again! In math will continue to work on addition and subtraction strategies to 18. Students now strategies such as using doubles, doubles + and - 1, Number Neighbors and Almost Number Neighbors. We hope to be done this unit this week. In science will be finishing up Hot and Cold Temperatures. See the Tuesday Project Blog for information on the Ice Cube Experiment. In Social we will be learning about Macao in the Past. We are also reading lots of Fairy Tales and making castles in art

Just a reminder that Friday will be Backward Dress Down day.

Tuesday Project #13

Hold on to That Ice Cube!

You have been learning about which materials are the best insulators. Now you get the opportunity to build your very own insulating device. Your insulating device must be able to hold an ice cube that is
wrapped in a small plastic bag. You can use a container such as a tin can, plastic bottle, cardboard box, etc. You can also use any type of insulating material (foil, wax paper, newspaper, styrofoam, plasticine, clay, wood, sawdust, sand, plastic wrap, cloth, etc.) inside our outside of your container. Will your insulating device prevent an ice cube from melting for one hour? Good luck! We will test all of the devices at the same time on Wednesday, January 16th so please bring it in by this date.