Annapolis Area Christian School

is hosting a movie night at Central Special School

Movie Night February 2016

This event will be after school from 4-6 PM. Parents will be required to pick up their student by 6 PM.

*Students will gather in the cafeteria for pizza and refreshments.

*Movie will start at 4:15 pm

*Light refreshments will be served during the movie as students interact with students from the Christian School.

*Students will dismiss at 6 pm

Permission to attend:

Please indicate below if you would like your student to attend this event. please return the bottom portion to the school by 2/22/16. If you have any question please feel free to call me at Central Special 410-956-5885 or email me at

_______________________________ has my permission to stay after school to participate in this event with Annapolis Area Christian School and Central Special School.

________ I know I am responsible for picking my child up by 6 pm.

_________________________________ printed parent name

_________________________________ parent signature

_________________________________ email address

_________________________________ phone number