What is communism?

Communism is where everyone is equal

Mao Zedongs events to populate communism

Mao Zedong was a the father of communism. He led the red army. He was a peasant farmer that's why he wanted everyone to be equal. He studied Marxist writings which is communism at BeijingUniversity. A nationalist and troops forced Mao Zedong and his army out of southern china. Mao's troops marched 6,000 miles west and north just to escape. Mao lost a lot of men but gained a lot more people that took their side.Mao wanted china to become a powerful country. To do so he needed china to become more industrialized. When he did so he failed because a lot of farmers was factory workers. People didn't have enough food so they died. So there for Mao Zedong Great Leap Forward became Mao Zedong epic fail forward.

Communism in China?

Communism in China?

China had a civil war it was the KMT vs the CCP. On October 1st 1949 Mao became chairman of the people's republic of China. He received early support from Soviet Union. It was a command economy, but now it's coming on mixed mostly command.

That's communist china