Weekly Notes

September 27-October 3

Focus of the Week: Readiness

Monday, September 28

Handbook and Expectations Signature Sheet Due Today!

Workshop Groups Begin

REED Meeting @ 8:30 Anthony, Jocis, Kopy, Maurus

Tuesday, September 29

Picture Day!


Carver/Maurus Meeting @ 9:30

Wednesday, September 30

Happy Birthday, Jan!!!

Booster Day #1 (More information below)

Monitor Meeting @ 12:00

IEP @ 3:00 (Anthony, Frisk, Kopy, Maurus, Middleton)

Thursday, October 1

AdvancED surveys open (more information below)

Carver and Maurus @ RESA (office medical training) Brundage in :-)

Friday, October 2

Popcorn Day!

Tornado Drill @ 10:00

Pat Drake (RtI/MTSS guru from RESA) meeting @ 10:30 in Hrit's room (Anthony, Frisk, Hrit, Kopy, Maurus)

PBIS Assembly @ 2:00

P2P and PBIS Transition

Many times, students will come to me with issues that are true teachable moments, such as when they have issues with each other. If I am on the playground with the students, I will, of course, talk to them and help them to problem solve. I also encourage the students to inform their classroom teacher so that the adult they are with the most will also be able to help them with their problem.

One of the things that Chris McEvoy had stated to us when he visited late last year was that he was looking at the South Redford data since Peer to Peer implementation and he was wondering what on earth was happening in South Redford! The number of incidents logged by administrators had increased dramatically.

This year, we are moving away from Peer to Peer and toward the PBIS Bully Prevention Program. The reason why we are moving to the PBIS Bully Prevention Program is because it teaches the students about problem solving rather than just reporting and consequences, which is what Peer to Peer did. The big question that Chris presented to us was "if peer to peer hasn't changed the behaviors of the students, then why are you still doing it?"

On October 6th, Chris is visiting us at our staff meeting to go through the PBIS Bully Prevention Program. After his visit, the PBIS team has planned for an afternoon to then update our ODR and other materials with the information that Chris presents to us.

Until then, please make sure that you are talking to the students and taking advantage of teachable moments.

In the past, when I have been the first to contact parents in regards to problematic behaviors (I am not talking about extreme behavior here), the anxiety of the parents immediately increases. "Why hasn't (his/her) teacher told me about this?" Is often the response of the frustrated parent on the other end of the phone.

When I am the first contact with the parent, that immediately compromises your relationship with the family and the student.

Send students to the office if it is a major offense (fighting, threat with probable intent to follow through, extreme physical aggression, sexual harassment).

If it is an issue that is a continuation of a problematic behavior (inappropriate language, disruptive behavior, etc...), contact home to talk to the family and begin tier 2 interventions (the display is up in the teacher's lounge to refer to). Don't hesitate to talk to me about any issues that are continuing so that I am aware of the situation.

Once again, if there is a one time incident that is extreme, such as fighting, threat with probable intent to follow through, extreme physical aggression, or sexual harassment, I will, of course, not hesitate to be the first contact.

Remember, if you have ANY questions, please talk to me.


Now that we have had time to settle, I will be beginning walkthroughs this week. I will be particularly focused on "I Can Statements" as well as Domain 2, the classroom environment.
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I will send you the electronic sheets this week.

Please make sure that you fill out your entire class list on the 31-a sheets. This way, you only have to update the checkmarks each time and add new student names.

Send me your lists electronically and I will be able to keep them on my computer and add in my stuff to that before I print them and send them to central office.

Please make sure that if your class is large this year, to do two sheets instead of adding lines to the existing list. When I have to print up your sheets, the added lines do not print.

Any questions? Just ask me.

Booster Day

The intention of "Booster Day" is that we will have a schoolwide focused teaching of expectations throughout the school to "Boost" students' knowledge of and adherence to our expectations.

For this first day, please make sure to go over the behavior matrix with your class. For future booster days, we will have stations with the expectations posted that your class can visit.

The PBIS team will be working on updating the posters so that they are ready for future booster days.

AdvancED Surveys

Please schedule a time when your students will go to the computer lab or work on the Chromebooks to complete the AdvancED survey.

Make sure that you also take the survey as well.

The results are used by the School Improvement Team to inform us of our current practices as well as to guide us in decision making.

An email with the link will be sent out this week. The survey closes December 15, so you have a LOT of time!