Ben Harmon

President of the United States of America

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Ben Harmon

Ben Harmon is a graduate of Harvard Law where he got his Bachelors of Finance with a minor in Political Science. He then went on to spend 8 years serving his country in the United States Military. His family and him now reside in Zionsville, Indiana but he spends most of his time on Capitol Hill where he is working as Indiana's Senior Senator.

Chief of State

Ben Harmon is the epitome of a leader and would do perfectly as the symbolic leader of our country. He radiates confidence, persistence, and competence

Chief Executive

As Chief Executive, Ben will execute the laws, appoint key federal officials, grant pardons and reprieves in a successful fashion during his presidency.

Chief Administrator

Ben would use his extensive knowledge of economics and administration strategies to run and direct 2-7 million government officials with a budget of $2.5 trillion per year. Meetings with Vice President, Secretaries, and Joint Chief of Staff.

Chief Diplomat

Ben has outstanding communication and problem solving skills to negotiate treaties and policies with other countries.

Commander in Chief

Ben has served in the United States Army for over 8 years now and is a more than qualified candidate to step into the position of Commander in Chief. This experience will help him make logical decisions on when to deploy troops and take action.

Chief Legislator

Ben's political background of serving as Indiana's Senior Senator for the past 12 years has helped him develop the knowledge he needs in order to sign or veto legislation, introduce legislation, work with Congress on the budget.

Party Chief

Since Ben is a slightly moderate Republican he really can help out the party raising money from many sources and being able to bring in numerous different people into the Republican party.

Chief Citizen

Ben Harmon's trustworthiness and his likability make him the perfect candidate for Chief Citizen because he will always make sure he is working for the public's interest and keep the public updated as to what is going on in our government.