Computer Game Designer

Education Required

Employers usually look for graduates with a bachelors degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Although a masters degree in either of the two have a higher chance of getting hired over the less qualified competition. Knowing multiple types of computer languages helps a lot.

Job Description

Video game designers write and debug computer code to develop games for a variety of platforms. They create the concept, design of the game, the sketching and storyboard of the game and what it will look like. Basically, you create a whole new game for people to enjoy with some help from specialists that do specific programming.

Pay Scale

The income depends on your employer, geographic location and level of education. At an entry level income, you could get paid $5,000/month and at and experienced level, your income could increase to $8,600/month. It is common that recent graduates get paid less to gain experience in the field first.

Job Availability

You can find jobs around the world to be a computer game designer. Most of the jobs are located off-shore like Europe and Asia.